I am 47, 6 Ft, 190 Lbs, Dark Brown Hair, Hazel eyes, Beard and Moustache, follically challenged chest with average body hair elsewhere. I presently reside in Glendale, CA (aka New Armenia) which is a suburb of Lost Angeles, where I do freelance and contract computer technical support type work.

I don't smoke, but do occasionally drink. I have a rather "Warped" sense of humor, an easy-going type of personality and am a warm, gentle and caring person. I like going out to restaurants, movies, concerts, or the Mountains. Hanging out with friends. Maybe a day at the beach or take an occasional weekend trip someplace like San Francisco, Palm Springs, San Diego, ETC. Also, going over to a friends place and just "hanging out" there. Being the romantic type, I like to spend quiet time together just cuddling-up, watching a movie or T.V. Maybe just relaxing out in the Hot Tub or going for a swim.

I can be quite a tease at times and love to find a guys sensitive spots (if any) and tickle him there. I am a tactile-oriented guy and look for others who like or don't mind being touched; not that it always means I wanna play, just that I am showing affection without sexual overtones.

As for music, I like various kinds such as Soft Rock\Pop (oldies), NEW AGE, Country\Western, Easy Listening, and some Classical and Jazz. Artists like ALABAMA, Anne Murray, REBA, the Mavericks, John Tesh, ABBA, Elton John, Journey, Olivia Newton-John, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Carpenters, Chuck Mangione, Mantovani, Manheim Steamroller, 101 Strings, etc.

Basically what I am looking for is Bearfriends and hopefully a Long Term Relationship with a Bear/Cub who has similar interests and ideas about what would keep us together. � If it turned out that this (ideal?) guy was not local, and we had met in-person a few times to be sure we were attracted-to and compatible-with each other, I would not hesitate to relocate to be with him if necessary.

Things I like doing (not in any particular order) are Hugging, Cuddling, Licking, Massage, Footplay, Tickling, fucking & sucking, etc. � I prefer a "Natural man" type guy who does not let society dictate what he should look like (i.e. Facial furr and/or clothing) or smell like by using Cologne or Deodorant when not absolutely necessary. � Manscents, furry armpits and bare feet are major turn-ons for me. � Unlike certain others who will not play with anyone whos is presumed not to be NEG, serostatus is not a deciding factor for me. � I am more interested in the guy as a whole person, not as a picklist of various parts. � After all, we are talking about a live person, not a cyborg that you put together from a catalog here.

On the other hand, genital piercings and excessive TATS are a turnoff. � A few tats are ok, but IF ya have more ink on yer body than the Mint has dollar bills, I would most likely not be interested in anything more than platonic friendship. � The only thing I wanna see hanging between a guys legs are his cock & balls; nothing metal that is permanently attached please! Adornments that are detachable are OK as long as he will actually remove them if asked to.

I could use all sorts of adjectives to describe myself, but would end up sounding more like a Puppy Dawg than a Human Bean <: (: hehe!! � Just suffice it to say that I'm definitely a very caring & loving guy who is looking for a similar individual to share my life with.

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