Welcome To My Home!
(don't forget to wipe your mouse on the way in)

Beware! I'm watching you!

Well...Congratulations! You've made it to my web page. I don't know how you did it, or even why you did it, but now that you're here, why don't you look around? What's the worse that can happen? You click, you read, you fall asleep, lose track of time, and completely forget to do your research paper that's due tomorrow. No biggie, right?

I'm sure most of you guys, like me, are masters of procrasination anyway...yet I would have to say the title of king and queen have to be given to "jcmlye" and "deeps". (you two can work out the individual roles yourself)

My Life
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My Other Life

If you have any suggestions (I'm COMPLETELY low on ideas), email me at Cocoa1125@msn.com

For some awesome animations and graphics, go visit the Rexinator.

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