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Tanya Timeline

July 14, 1966 Tanya Donelly is born to Richard and Kristin Donelly, a plumber- guitarist-actor and a legal secretary, respectively
1970 The Donelly family settles in Rhode Island. Tanya's brother, Christopher (currently a jeweler), is born
1972 thru 1973 Tanya, extremely shy, spends her mornings throwing up in class. Her teacher eventually separates her from the rest of the class, which was fine by her
1973 Tanya sees her first concert, Liza Minnelli at the Providence Civic Center, with her parents
1974 Tanya meets Kristin Hersh and they become immediate best friends
1975 thru 1980 Tanya's father and mother divorce
Tanya's father marries Kristin's mother so the two become siblings
Tanya and Kristin Hersh learn to play the guitar while listening to the Beatles, the Pretenders, the Velvet Underground and other groups
Tanya rides her bike down the stairs and knocks her front teeth out - the inspiration for "Feed the Tree"'s lyrics "this little squirrel I used to be/ slammed her bike down the stairs / they put silver where her teeth had been / baby silvertooth, she grins and grins"
1978 Tanya almost loses one of her legs in a car accident. When it happened, she took a good look and thought, "Cool!", and promptly passed out
1978 or 1979 Tanya, Kristin Hersh, and David Narcizo attend The Kinks concert at the Providence Civic Center
Kristin Hersh (guitar and vocals), Tanya Donelly (guitar and vocals), Becca Blumen (drums), and Elaine Adamedes (bass) form Kristin Hersh and the Muses
1981 or 1982 Tanya's father takes her to an REM concert at The Living Room, in Providence
1983/1984 David Narcizo replaces Becca Blumen and the band officially becomes the Throwing Muses
1985 Leslie Langston replaces Elaine Adamedes as new Throwing Muses bass guitarist
Throwing Muses is signed to the prestigious 4AD label as 4AD's first American band
1986 Throwing Muses releases their debut self-titled album, Throwing Muses 4AD CAD 607 CD
1987 Throwing Muses releases Chains Changed EP 4AD BAD 701
Throwing Muses contributes a song, "Fish", to Lonely is an Eyesore 4AD CAD 703 CD compilation
Throwing Muses releases The Fat Skier 4AD MAD 706
1988 Tanya becomes an auntie with Kristin Hersh's first son Dylan
Throwing Muses releases House Tornado 4AD CAD 802 CD
1989 Throwing Muses releases Dizzy EP 4AD BAD 4018 CD
Throwing Muses releases Hunkpapa 4AD CAD 901 CD, Sire 25855
1990 Fred Abong replaces Leslie Langston as Throwing Muses' bass guitarist
Kim Deal (guitar and vocals), Tanya Donelly (guitar and vocals), Josephine Wiggs (bass and vocals), and Shannon Doughton (drums and vocals) form The Breeders. The Breeders were to be just a side project for musical exploration for Kim and Tanya, who were both playing second fiddle musically in their respective bands, the Pixies and Throwing Muses
The Breeders release Pod 4AD CAD 0006 CD, Elektra 9 61331-2
1991 Tanya has a new nephew, Ryder
Throwing Muses releases The Real Ramona 4AD CAD 1002 CD, Sire 26489
Throwing Muses releases Not Too Soon EP Sire 40135
May 13, 1991 Tanya Donelly and Kim Deal contribute to This Mortal Coil with "You and Your Sister"
June 1991 Tanya officially announces she is leaving the Throwing Muses
December 1991

Tanya Donelly (guitar and vocals), Thomas Gorman (keyboards), Chris Gorman (drums), and Fred Abong (bass) form Belly. Tanya finally has her own outlet for her musical aspirations
1992 The Breeders release Safari 4AD BAD 2003 CD
June 29, 1992 Belly releases their first single, Slow Dust EP 4AD BAD 2009 CD
November 1992 Belly releases their second single, Gepetto EP 4AD BAD 2018 CD
January 23, 1993 Belly releases advance copies of their debut album, Star 4AD CAD D 3002 CD, Sire/Reprise 9 45187-2, and "Feed the Tree" hits the UK charts at #32
February 13, 1993 Star peaks at #2 after first week on the UK charts
March 6, 1993 "Feed the Tree" becomes #1 on Modern Rock Tracks Survey
April 10, 1993 "Gepetto (Remix)" peaks at #49 on UK charts
May 1, 1993 Star is released on Sire in the US and "Feed the Tree" hits the US charts at #95
May 1993 Gail Greenwood replaces Fred Abong as Belly's bass guitarist. Belly goes on tour to promote Star
February 21, 1994 Star certified as Gold by the RIAA
February 1994 Belly is nominated for "Best New Artist" and "Best Alternative Album" at the Grammy Awards
April 5, 1994 Belly wins "Best Modern Rock Act" and "Debut Album of the Year" at the Boston Music Awards
February 4, 1995 "Now They'll Sleep", the first single from King, peaks UK charts at #28
February 25, 1995 Belly releases their second album, King Sire/Reprise 9 45833-2, Sire/Reprise 2-45833-A, Reprise CAD 5004 CD and Play It Again Sam 170.5004.20, and it peaks on the UK charts at #6
March 4, 1995 King peaks on the US charts at #57
Summer 1995 Tanya writes "Swoon", to express her need to move on
July 22, 1995 "Seal My Fate" peaks at #35 on the UK charts
November 11, 1995 Belly performs their last show at the Dragonfly in Hollywood. Tanya has a run in with a racoon and ends up getting shots
Late 1995 Tanya and Dean Fisher move into a "new home near Harvard - the ground floor and basement of a lovely, 150-year-old clapboard house in a carefully maintained quarter, complete with picket fences and richly coloured trees" (NME 11.30.96)
July 26, 1996

4AD finally announces Belly's breakup due to musical and personal differences. Tanya goes solo. Gail joins L7. Chris concentrates on his photography. Tom explores other genres of music.
September 22, 1996 Tanya ties the knot with Dean
1997 Tanya becomes an auntie for the third time with Kristin's birth of Wyatt
November 20, 1996
February 1, 1997
Tanya assembles her first "solo" crew [Dean Fisher (bass, formerly of Juliana Hatfield), Lisa Mednick (keyboard and accordian, formerly of Juliana Hatfield), Stacey Jones (drummer, formerly of Letters to Cleo and Veruca Salt), and members of Madder Rose, Mary Larson (guitar and vocals) and Billy Cote (guitar)] and tours England and the East Coast [7 shows]
November 25, 1996 Tanya releases her first solo single, sliding&DIVING EP 4AD BAD 6018 CD
August 18, 1997 Tanya releases her second solo single, Pretty Deep, available as two CD's 4AD BAD 7007 CD and 4AD BAD D 7007 CD and a 7" 4AD AD 7007, each containing different B-side songs
August 31, 1997
September 11, 1997
Tanya tours North America with Dean Fisher (bass, formerly of Juliana Hatfield), Dave Narcizo (drums of Throwing Muses), Rich Gilbert (guitar) and Elizabeth Steen (keyboards and accordian of Count Zero) [6 shows]
September 9, 1997 Tanya releases her debut solo album, Lovesongs for Underdogs Reprise 9 46495-2
September 17, 1997
October 2, 1997
Tanya, Dean, Dave, Rich, and Elizabeth tour the UK. [13 shows]
November 24, 1997 Tanya releases her third solo single, The Bright Light, available as two CD's BAD 7012 CD and BAD D 7012 CD, each containing different B-side songs, and a 7" 4AD AD 7012, which contains a live version of "The Bright Light"
October 9, 1997
November 12, 1997
Tanya, Dean, Dave, Rich, and Elizabeth with support crew Dave, Doug, and TJ tour North America. [27 shows total, but 2 were cancelled due to Tanya's pneumonia]
November 21, 1997
November 31, 1997
Tanya, Dean, Dave, Rich, and Elizabeth with support crew Paul and Mark tour Europe. [7 shows]
December 2, 1997 Tanya and crew return to the US and perform a "one-off" in Boston
February 25, 1998
February 28, 1998
Tanya, Dean, Dave, Rich, and Elizabeth with roadie Stewart tour Australia. [4 shows]
March 4, 1998
March 7, 1998
Tanya, Dean, Dave, Rich, and Elizabeth with roadie Stewart, sound mixer Nigel, and driver Sean tour New Zealand. [4 shows]
March 13, 1998 Tanya and crew perform at an Amnesty International benefit.
March 15, 1998 Tanya and crew perform at a Mountain Stage.
April 13, 1999 Tanya Donelly and Dean Fisher have a new baby girl, Grace Bee Fisher. Grace was born at 5:44 PM. She came in at 8 pounds 10 ounces and measured 21 inches long. The happy parents already have a nickname for her: "Gracie".
May 6, 2000 After a two year hiatus, Tanya performs with the Throwing Muses at the Gut Pageant 2000 in Cambridge, MA.
July 22, 2000 Tanya performs with the Throwing Muses at Lupo's in Providence, RI as a part of the Digital Club Festival.
July 25, 2000 Tanya fills in as a singer for Bathing Beauties at Lilli's in Somerville, MA.
February 11, 2001 Tanya opens for the Bathing Beauties at the Kendall Cafe in Cambridge, MA.
May 1, 2001 Tanya is one of the headliners at "MAYDAY: Live at Fort Apache" at Fort Apache in Cambridge, MA.
January 3, 2002 sleepwalk, the first EP from beautysleep, is released!
January 28, 2002 beautysleep, Tanya's second solo album, is released!
February 21, 2002 Tanya's official website, Slumberland, goes online!
February 26, 2002
February 28, 2002
The UK beautysleep tour with Tanya, Dean, David Narcizo, Rich Gilbert and Mary Lorson [3 shows]
March 6, 2002
April 13, 2002
The US East Coast beautysleep tour with Tanya, Dean, David Narcizo, Rich Gilbert and Evelyn Pope [12 shows]
April 23, 2002
April 29, 2002
The US West Coast beautysleep tour with Tanya, Dean, Rich Gilbert, Evelyn Pope and Arthur Johnson [5 shows]
May 4, 2002 A one off show for beautysleep with Tanya, Dean, Rich Gilbert, Evelyn Pope and Arthur Johnson. Gail Greenwood is in attendance!
May 7, 2002
December 14, 2002
Tanya performs with Dean or as a guest with another band at a few shows throughout the rest of the year. [6 shows]
November 17, 2002 Kristin gives birth to Bodhi, making Tanya a fourth time auntie.
April 2003
May 2003
The Throwing Muses go on tour. Tanya makes guest appearances at two Cambridge, MA shows, a New York City, NY show and two Los Angeles, CA shows.
August 16, 2003
August 17, 2003
Rock in Rockingham, a weekend in Vermont featuring a ton of great bands... and Tanya! 'nuff said!
July 27, 2004 Whisky Tango Ghosts, Tanya's third solo album, is released!
July 27, 2004
July 28, 2004
Tanya plays in London, kicking off the Whisky Tango Ghost tour!
August 11, 2004 Tanya plays at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA.
August 11, 2004
August 13, 2004
Tanya tours the US East Coast. [4 shows]
August 16, 2004
August 18, 2004
Tanya tours the US West Coast. [3 shows]
August 27, 2004
August 28, 2004
Tanya records her next album live in front of fans at The Windham in Bellows Falls, VT.
February 5, 2005 Tanya plays at T.T. the Bear's Place in Cambridge, MA.
September 7, 2005 Tanya announces she is pregnant!
March 31, 2006 Tanya and Dean are once again proud new parents with the birth of Harriet Pearl Fisher. Harriet was born at 10:52 PM. She weighed in at 8 pounds 13 ounces and measured a full 22 inches. In the tradition of the Donelly/Fisher household, she, too, was given a nickname, "Hattie".
October 17, 2006 Tanya releases her fourth solo album, This Hungry Life ELEVENTHIRTY 7012, and commemorates the release with an acoustic in-store at Newbury Comics in Boston, MA.
October 6, 2007 Tanya and Kristin team up for "An Evening with Kristin Hersh and Tanya Donelly" at The Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA.
March 21, 2008 Tanya announces she is studying to be a birth doula, something she's thought about for years but only recently decided to "just do it".

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