Stella at 20: Volume 1

Over the course of August 1997, interviews were shot for a video documentary entitled Stella at 20: An Atari 2600 Retrospective. The founders of Atari, the original engineers, the famous programmers, and some lesser known programmers were gathered together to look back on the system that launched the home videogame industry. Volume 1 contains a roundtable discussion on the origin of the 2600 itself, from concept to finished product, as well as musings on the rise and fall of Atari and changes in the industry then vs. now.

This volume also contains a bonus interview with Doug Neubauer after the end credits!

This volume debuted at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas on July 29th 2000. At close to 90 minutes in length, this volume is now available at Hozer Video!

Please bookmark this page because it will be enhanced with much more information to support volume 1, like errata, annotated notes and trivia, better previews, and more.

VOLUME ONE - "Tales of Stella and Atari"


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