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For those interested,Click Here to see my homepage with lots of graphics,java script,and background music. It's well worth the wait!

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Due to the events of September 11,2001, I have created a special animation for this site. I made it to show my support for our U.S. troops, and hopefully, to make some people smile. If you like the pic, please click it to donate to the Salvation Army.

Nuke Bin Laden!

Join Desktop Dollars!
If you don't like being forced to surf the net to earn cash,this is the program to join! My first check from them was $167.35! When you sign up,tell them mirage79 sent you!

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Meet My Baby Dragon!

I thought my gator might be getting lonely,so I found him a friend. Isn't he cute?! His name is Sparky! =:o)
If you'd like to adopt one of your own,go HERE to get it.

Just to prove I didn't rip off the image,here's the proof to show I was chosen! *g*

I found Sparky some friends! Click on their pics if you want one for yourself!

mirage79 got their NeoPet at http://www.neopets.com
mirage79 got their NeoPet at http://www.neopets.com

Cartoon of the Day

White Palm Real Estate Cartoon

Hello! I am a line!

Cosmic Weekly Sales Banner
If you haven't yet,get your copy of Mariah Carey's new album! I have it,and I love it! Buy Mariah's Latest Album
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For those who use mIRC,I can be found in #swampgator 20+FloridaChat #NoDoubt and #MariahCarey in DALNET. My name will be Mirage79,PsychoGirL` or AgentM77.
I can be found on ICQ. Check out My ICQ Page
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Look! I Made Site of the Day!

October 6,1998

Hero - Mariah Carey
(This song is dedicated to the hundreds of firemen,police, and volunteers who are working 24/7 to save lives in New York. This song is also dedicated to those who lost their lives saving others. You will not be forgotten!)

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Hello! I am a line!

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