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For 14 seasons, from 1978 to 1991, J.R. Ewing wheeled-and-dealed his way to television-icon status on CBS' primetime soap, "Dallas." Along with his long-suffering wife, Sue Ellen, the patient matriarch Miss Ellie, the stalwart Jock Ewing, the irrepressible young Lucy Ewing, and the level-headed brother Bobby (who dared to marry a "Barnes woman"), this tall Texan made TV history.

Now you can celebrate the days of big oil and big ranching! Designed as a reference guide to have at your side whether you're rewatching the episodes or just reliving the times, "Destination: Dallas" is jam-packed with features on the conniving J.R. Ewing and the rest of the Southfork clan:

* A description of each and every "Dallas" episode, with title and original airdate
* A comprehensive cast list
* An exhaustive character guide that shows the relationships of all the major and minor characters
* Full credit list to the people behind the shows
* An interactive debate section
* "Fun and useless" information about "Dallas" and its stars
* Birthdays of the show's stars
* Official websites of the stars (with hyperlinks!)
* A guide to merchandise associated with the show

Get "Destination: Dallas" now, for one low price, and you'll have the ultimate "Dallas" reference for years to come! And your one-time purchase entitles you to free future updates!

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