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HONEYCRACK - Cardiff University
3 November 1995

Review by Helen Wilson.

This is the review that me and my housemate Jo did when the band came to Cardiff.

You could easily be forgiven for never having heard of Honeycrack - they have only been together about a year and haven't yet released their first album. But they already have a dedicated fan club of over 1000 (even Willie the frontman was suprised to hear this!). The set at Big however, definatly puts the band in the up and coming category.

Two band members used to be in the Wildhearts, which suggests that this is one of their major influences, although both bands infact gain inspiration from similar sources, which is the more likely reason for any similarities.

Honeycrack definatly have a style of their own ranging from pop/rock and indie to punk - although the band themselves refused to be categorised.

CJ's and Willie's efforts have given us several brilliant and often alarmingly catchy songs. The set was memorable from the start, with King Of Misery setting the standard for the rest of the gig. The new single Sitting At Home was another that stood out - really catchy with good harmonics. The style ranged from the melodic The Genius Is Loose, to the reggae-influenced Good, Good Feeling taking in the heavier riffs of Gun and the mosh-tastic Hey, Bulldog along the way.

One of Honeycracks many good points is their willingness to sign singles and chat to people after the gig, it makes a nice change from the stand-offishness seen amongst many bands who have played at the union.

Judging by their success so far Honeycrack will go along way, personally we cant wait for the album, and the next tour!

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