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HONEYCRACK - Sheffield University The Park
19 November 1995

Review by Rob Kingston of Sheffield Electronic Press.

Honeycrack + Agent Orange

Here we are in what, letís not forget it, is basically a bloody cae, and everyone seems to be concentrating on emptying the bar, rather than on the stage and Agent Orange.

Which is a shame, because theyíre really rather good- they seem to have managed to create their own sound, not easy in these days of riff borrowing and seen-it-all-before ennui. What we got here was a mix of upbeat pop-tinged moments, with plenty of good honest rock thrown in, and some weird and wonderful guitar effects for good measure. Those who were tempted from the bar were even rewarded with free oranges thrown out by the polo-neck-clad singer. Bonus.

Which leaves us with the much-touted Honeycrack (they'íve even been on the ITV Chart Show recently, hype-fans). The dedicated moshers pile to the front and once the single Sitting at Home is aired the crowd, or at least the first few rows, go wild. Iím afraid I was left slightly bemused by all this - as far as I could tell, this was 3 (count 'em) guitarists going chug-chug-kerchug and another bloke shouting a bit. Maybe I'ím getting old, but shoulnít there be a tune in there somewhere?

Fortunately, a bit of light relief was provided, courtesy of the dangerously low ceiling above the stage - be-dreadlocked guitar man number 3 encountering a potentially disastrous, but mildly amusing hair/lighting-rig scenario. Laugh? You bet...

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