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WELCOME to the world wide web information page for THE BUGS. Here you will find the latest news, tour dates and other information for THE BUGS, updated as and when I get it. Bookmark this page for future use.

The Bugs were:


June 3 2000 - The Bugs broke up. Pete is in a new band called Unamerican their website is

June 21 - I have no idea of the current situation regarding The Bugs. However, Mark has recently recorded some songs with Willie producing, Willie described them as "amazing".


The Bugs biography from V4 Management.

Q: Who Are The Bugs?
A: The Bugs = Mark McRae, Hugo Degenhardt, Pete Clarke.

Q: Describe your sound?
A: Take the psychedelic power trios from the sixties, combine and transport them through to the 90s and The Bugs have landed.

Q: What are you like live?
A: A horny, 60ft Scarab, mutated by atomic radiatiob, takes on the might of the world's armies - and then sits in melancholy reflection on top of the pyramids of Giza.

Q: How were The Bugs conceived?
A: The King and Queen of the insect world got low down and dirty in a Paris brothel. As a result The Bugs hatched with a god given right for Sex, Bugs and Rock & Roll.

Q: What's in store for the future?
A: Being the only creature able to survive a nuclear holocaust - The Bugs are here for the long crawl.

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