Some of My Favourite Cars:

This is one of my good favourites. It is a Mk.I Ford Escort. It has a 1.3 litre engine under the bonnet and it surprisingly is a very fast car!!! And a very nice car!!!
Here is another one:

Ok more cars:

This car is a Morris Minor Ute. I have this picture because I like Morris Minors especially the utes and the panel vans.

I am usually a Ford enthusiast but I like a few Holdens including this one. I think it is a EH Holden. The only reason I like it is because it is very origanal and very Australian.

This is a picture of a GREAT Ford and an Austin Freeway. I love this picture because of the Ford. This is a XL Ford Falcon and is a great model!! ( Go the Fords!!!!!!!! )
Here is another picture: ( of the interior of the Ford )

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