Welcome to the new Katy's Guide to POTF2 Star Wars Figures, except its got a new name, and look! As you can see this is not the page it used to be, its better, and much more organized and easier to navigate. With help now from my friend Andrew Schmidt who will be doing the scans for this page, this page will be the best its ever been. All of the pages have been redone and they're new scans and info on the figures. If you have any questions please feel free to mail me (Katy) or Andrew. We are also holding a banner contest. Follow the Link for details. Enjoy the new look and be sure to check back for new info and pics.

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The Figures

The First Wave The Second Wave
The Third Wave The Fourth Wave
Shadows of the Empire 12" Figures
Deluxe Figures Electronic Power F/X Assortment
Mail-Away Figures Collector Packs

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A Look Ahead....

1997 Figures and Vehicles A Look into the Future of the Figures and Vehicles
NEWEST PICTURES Future Vehicles and Playsets

The Vehicles

Small Vehicle Assortment Mid-Size Vehicle Assortment
Light Vehicle Assortment Beast Assortment

Other Merchandise

Collector's Fleet Role-Playing Toys
X-Wing Fighter Simulator Carrying Cases
Star Wars PEZ Dispensers Taco Bell Toys
Promotional Items

Other Toy Related Features

Case Assortment list Variations
Current List of Figures Available and More! Checklist
Custom Figures
Release Dates

Other Stuff to Look At

About Me Dedication
Links Toy Related Links
Awards Banner Contest

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