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I am the one second from the left, next to the stoned guy. This is my year 12 breakup dinner.

OK! This is where I blab on about myself.

In case you were wondering, the above foto is me with my two sisters, Maryann (right) and Laura (left). Maryann can be reached at
I was born in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches. I presently live on campus at Richmond University in Sydney's West, except weekends, when I go home to Warriewood to lead a non-university life. I am 20 y/o, love surfing, getting wasted at parties, skateboarding, snowboarding and rollerblading, and generally making a complete nuisance of myself. I am a camera operator and stage lighting technician by trade(go check out my lighting page) and have worked on many large shows including The Vans Warped Tour, Homebake, and The Big Day Out. I have been on tour with Deadstar, The Whitlams and Mark Lizotte. If you want a lighting tech, or camera op for your production, visit my lighting page for details. I am known around the cyberspace hood as Schwez.
If you want, you can view a complete profile of me, that I was forced to create in an e-mail. Well, I think I have crapped on for long enuff!

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