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*****TITUS UPDATE- Coming this season ABC - Mind Prey staring Eric La Salle and Titus Welliver

A film I found on the web, it was shown at a film festival

The Clearing: A young fugitive witnesses an act which may provide him a last shot at redemption. Featuring Laurel Holloman (BOOZGIE NIGHTS) and Titus Welliver (TV’s BROOKLYN SOUTH). Filmmaker: Kat Smith.

Found at IMDb:

Cement, Titus will play Mo, yeah another MO, it is directed by Adrian Pasdar, who has acted with Titus in the Lost Capone.

Also, a from a Fan Group member, Titus is producing a movie for the Hallmark Series, one he wrote a few years back.

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Now, I know what you are thinking. Who the heck is Titus Welliver and why does someone have a page for him, if I never heard of him?

Well, simply put Titus is what is called a B list actor. An A list actor being a major Star- Arnold, Sly, Sandra, etc. Those are the ones they pay big bucks knowing you will see them. It is also that way for TV shows. You will watch a show if someone you know and like is on the show.

But the B list actor, they are some of the hardest working actors around. They are the character actors. Usually only in a show for an episode or two. Some catch your eye and then you realize you have seen them all over. One that a lot of people recognize is Brian Thompson (the Alien Alien Killer on X Files). They often become just as familiar to us as the Major players.

Well Titus is like Brian and once you see his picture you are like I have seen in him this and this and in that.

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