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Where The Miracles Fly

Introductions are in order...

"So ya, thought cha, might like to, go to the show..."
-Roger Waters

Good morning, good morning, good morning. Welcome to Where the Miracles Fly, a realm full of my introspective musings and fifteen other compound words.

Where am I?...

"The leathered and tethered all gather together in shadowy corners to grind."
-Jeff Holmes

"Where the Miracles Fly" is the first track of the Floating Men's debut album. I've decided to include as much info as I can compile about them. Check out their page linked below.

And thus the story so far ends...

"Get Shorty"
The Floating Men
The Music List

"...all night."

This page concieved May 8, 1996, just before midnight.

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