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Bettie, Betty and Me

Bettie, Betty and Me

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You will find some things are incomplete, I'll always be under construction.

Bettie Page, and Betty Boop

But first, A little about me.
My name is Dale, and I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado.
After High School, I started working in the Construction Industry as a Carpenter/Remodeler,
and have been doing that kind of work ever since.
I still live in Denver, with my wife Marilyn, who is a major fan of Betty Boop.
I now work for a home improvement company as a designer and supervisor
after working in the field for about 24 years.
I enjoy Photography, messing around on the computer, a little gardening,
and getting up into the mountains when I get a chance.
Enjoy the page!


My Bettie Page page (Coming soon)

A tribute to Betty Boop



Thats about all,

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