The Oliver Stone
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November 1995 -- After surfing the internet for materials on one of my favorite directors, Oliver Stone, I realized that there wasn't one main web site dedicated just to Stone and his films. So in November of 1995, I created my own web site to put together my own reviews and discussions on the films of Oliver Stone. Unbelievably, the pretty simple, basic design of the site remained the same for six years, and unfortunately did not progress with the times. Pages and bits were added here and there, but the simple design never changed.


On the web site's sixth anniversary, I undertook a massive reconstruction of the entire web site, taking into account a number of suggestions and complaints I received over the years, as well as incorporating a brand new navigational design more consistent with the web technology of today. I also wanted to move the site away from its host, Geocities, where lately pop up ads and error messages ruined the experience for many web surfers visiting the site. So the new and improved site also has a new home ... please make sure to update your links and bookmarks to the new site. The address is much shorter and easier to remember, and you will never see another pop-up ad when visiting the site. The new permanent home for the Oliver Stone web site is at

The majority of the content remains the same, with several additions, including a good number of new pictures of Stone and his films added. The design of the pages is now much more consistent, creating a more cohesive web site. Broken links (a common complaint from many as they were frequently never updated) have now all been removed. Loud music and sound will now no longer blare at you when visiting a page. I have worked diligently to make this web site enhancement a massive improvement ... I hope you agree.

I've been very honored for the past six years to maintain what most people consider the authoritative place on the web for Oliver Stone. I hope you continue to join me on this web journey, and make sure to let me know what you think of the new site ... click on the link above to go to the web site's new and improved home!

My many thanks,
Jason O'Brien