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Lucy Lawless stars as Xena

"Xena" is set in the "Golden Age" of myth, long before ancient Greece or Rome, on
the distant frontier of known civilization far away from the land of mighty
Hercules. The whims of capricious gods and the greed of human tyrants make her
world a treacherous one.
Surrounded by enemies, barbaric tribes,
slave traders and a host of other evils, the warrior princess is on a mission to
help people free themselves from tyranny and injustice.

Infused with the same high-action, high-production values and humor that has made
"Hercules" a breakout hit in syndication, "Xena: Warrior Princess" combines
mythology with martial arts action, big-screen special effects and spectacular
New Zealand scenery in 22 original episodes this season.

Xena was first introduced in a March episode of "Hercules" as an intrepid warrior
bent on destruction, who sets out to kill Hercules in her quest for power. But
when a single act of compassion causes her own army to betray her, she undergoes
a radical conversion. Realizing she's lost sight of her own humanity in her
obsession to prove herself the ultimate warrior, Xena becomes Hercules' ally and
love interest before heading homeward to begin a new life.

"Xena: Warrior Princess" picks up where "Hercules" left off, with Xena
determined to make amends for the sins of her past. On the road home,
she defends a small peasant village from a band of soldiers dispatched
by the ruthless warlord Draco.

There she meets a spirited young
woman named Gabrielle ( Renee O'Connor), who secretly follows the
warrior princess in search of a more exciting life. Along the way,
she outwits a blind, man-eating cyclops and thwarts an ambush by
Draco's men, finally reaching her home village with the knowledge that
Draco plans to destroy it. Offering her help, she is met with
hostility and distrust by everyone, including her mother Cyrene
(Darien Takle), who cannot forgive her daughter for her dark past.

Ultimately, Xena and Draco square off in a spectacular battle and she
defeats the barbaric warlord. Though she has saved the village and
reconciled with her mother, she cannot erase the misery she has caused
over the years. Joined by the feisty and fast-talking Gabrielle, Xena
leaves to search out her father and continue her battle against the
forces of evil.

Xena's amazing skills in the arts of
combat and warfare are constantly put
to the test as she travels across the
land. To defeat her foes, she relies on
strategy, agility, acrobatics, martial arts,
and avariety of weapons including her
chakram, a razor sharp discus-like
weapon which she hurls at her
enemies with astonishing speed.
In her arsenal is also the "Xena touch,"
a two-fingered pinch on the pressure
points of the neck, which she uses to
extract information from otherwise
uncooperative sources. Smart, fearless,
and heroic, she always tries to solve
things peacefully; but once committed
to a course of action, she is unrelenting.

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