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CD Reviews by Daniel E. Klatt (C) 1996

Hello music lovers of the world. I have written DJ Play for the Herald Times Reporter in
Manitowoc, Wisconsin, U.S.A. since 1994 and have placed my columns on the Internet for the world to see since mid-1995.

At this point, DJ Play and DJ Play+, a publication devoted to reviews similar to these, are a side interest of mine. I work as the assistant managing editor of the newspaper near the shore of Lake Michigan. Newspaper editors are welcome to carry my column in exchange for carrying a classified ad in their newspapers. Everyone is invited to request specific discs for me to review and I appreciate your feedback.

Artists, I am happy to consider your music for review. I like to highlight a mixture of popular albums with music from musicians who aren't in the spotlight but deserve to be. I hope to be able to scan images of the artists soon to make these reviews more lively. This page was last updated August 31, 1996 and is very much in its early construction stage. I am first putting up my old columns to clear out the dust in my closet. I'm adding more when I can. Come early and come often.

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That's all I have to say, let's let the music play.

DJ Play 1: Alan Parsons, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Askill
DJ Play 2: Garth Brooks, Chieftans, Beat Farmers, Composer Max Bruch
DJ Play 3: George Jones, Pink Floyd, Anita Baker, Slick Rick, Groundhhogs
DJ Play 4: Rush, America, Hapa, Mike Post, Beck, Richard Souther
DJ Play 5: Paula Abdul, Mystic Revealers, LA Guns, Young Dubliners, Gene Paul Mann
DJ Play 6: UFO, Bob Marley, Suzanne Ciani
DJ Play 7: David Bowie, Queen, Gary Moore
DJ Play 8: Smashing Pumpkins, Sante Fe Sampler, Eliza Gilkyson
DJ Play 9: Madonna, Mike Strickland, Nashville Superpickers
DJ Play 10: Thin Lizzy, John Lee Hooker, Mad Professor
DJ Play11: Lynyrd Skynyrd Frynds, David Gates, Lafayette String Quartet, New Idol Sun
DJ Play 12: Neal Schon, Six String II, Trout Fishing in America, Boxing Gandhis
DJ Play 13: Bon Jovi, Santana Brothers, FRD, Either/Orchestra
DJ Play 14: Firefall, Jeff Johnson/Brian Dunning, Rick Charette, Ron Banks, Dottie Jones

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