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The first season, Mark Cooper is living with Robin, a music teacher, and Vanessa, who is a secretary.
  1. The Presentation (JA)
    The very first episode begins with Mark meeting Alan Thicke (from "Growing Pains") in the set from "Growing Pains", in which this episode takes place. Robin works as an music teacher at a local High School. Mark is unemployed, but Robin manages to get him a substitute teaching job. The kids are terrible towards him. They listen to loud music while he's trying to teach science. They even glue him to a chair. In this episode, Mark shows that he's in love with Vanessa. But Vanessa goes out with another man, who Mark thinks is really stiff.

  2. Hangin' with Michelle (PS)
    This is the first episode that takes place on the new Hanging With Mr. Cooper set since the first episode was shot on the set of Growing Pains. In the opening sequence, Mark shows the audience the new set except the second floor which is not there. In this episode, Mark gets to substitute Michelle's 1st grade class. The classmates of Michelle are the same classmates on Full House. Mark has a hard time teaching the kids and injures his behind in class. Michelle comes to the house and tries to make Mark feel better but Mark meets a very pretty women at a party and now Mark has to walk around limping and getting out of tough situations.

  3. On the Rebound (HI)
    Mark's old girlfriend comes back and wants to start going out again. Robin hates the idea, but Mark eventually gives in. Soon they are engaged. Suspicious, Robin starts to ask Paula questions and learns that she wants to mold Mark into the type of man she wants.

  4. Please Pass the Jock (PS)
    Robin goes to a skiing camp and needs money to go. So she tries to find a way to teach more children music lessons. Vanessa gives her the idea of "having the first lesson free". But, there are more than enough lessons than she can handle. Also the music lessons are driving Vanessa and Mark crazy. Mark teaches an high school Algebra class and Mark has a basketball student in the class called Andre. Mark meets his old baskeball coach Coach Rickits. Coach Rickits excuses Andre and tells Mark that Andre needs to pass the next test and Mark has to give him the exact questions before the test. The coach puts pressure on Mark saying that Mark did not pass the Algebra test when he was in high school and the coach made Mark pass because Mark was failing Algebra like Andre. Mark does not know what to do. Mark does not give Andre the questions and agrees to take and study the test with him so that he himself can pass Algebra class. The principal gives Mark and Andre the test and both of them pass but Mark finds out that the coach was lying about Mark failing in high school. Robin finally goes to the skiing camp and goes down on one of the toughest mountains.
    This is the first episode in which Tyler was shown.

  5. Cheers (PS)
    Vanessa's car does not start. Mark, "Man of the house", can not fix it either. Robin says that it is an engine problem and convinces Vanessa that she can fix it free of charge. Unfortuntly, Robin takes apart the engine but can not put it back together again. Vanessa finds out and wants Robin to fix it by the weekend. Robin puts back the engine together and the car still does not start. Vanessa is still mad at Robin and Robin doubts her own judgement. It was all over, until Robin bangs the dashboard and the gasoline indicator goes from Full to Empty! Vanessa has been driving the car, without refueling, for 2 weeks! Mark substitutes his first P.E. class in Oakland High and coaches the Girl's Cheeleading Class. Mark finds out that the Division 3 competiton is in 3 days at their school and Oakland High is not a very good squad. The competition (Oakland Prep High School) shows up and does stunts 12 feet high! The only cheer for Mark's team is "Go Penguins Go! Waddle! Waddle! Waddle!" The team leaves Mark. Mark encourages the team by buying uniforms, staging a prep rally, and Vanessa teaches the squad. On competiton day, Oakland High School shows a great cheer but Oakland Prep wins it and goes to the state finals. Mark was feeling upset until the cheerleading squad gives him the 2nd place trophy and a big rally at home. At the end, both teams do cheers during the "C-R-E-D-I-T-S".

  6. Warriors (1) (PS)
    Mark is trying to kill the "super" fly flying around the house. Vanessa is watching a stock that is making a lot of money. Vanessa wants to put her money in but is afraid of losing money. After substituting a wrestling class, Mark asks the coach for a job as a permanent coach. The coach wrestles Mark for the job and though he lost, he was given the job. Robin gives Vanessa money so that Vanessa can invest her money in another stock. Mark gets a call from the Golden State Warriors! They ask Mark to try out for a new position after hearing about him from training camps. Also, his old high school friend, Guy Beal, who just came from training camp, is more than ready to play. Mark has to choose between his new job or playing with the Warriors. Mark decides to take the Warriors offer, but Mark can't make any of his shots go in the basket. With Robin's motivation, Mark sets foot in the Oakland Arena to tryout in front of the team and coach. Robin finds out that the stock Vanessa invested in went through the roof and doubled her money. But, Vanessa put Robin's money in a 3.25% CD for 6 months! Vanessa put her own money and decided to share the profit. During Mark's tryouts, real Golden State Warriors players amaze the camera and Mark almost gets in a fight with the team. Mark gets some basketball shots in and does impressive. Still, he feels that he can not match the quality with the other players and his old friend. Mark feels that he is going to get cut from the tryouts when the phone rings and Mark gets the position for the Golden State Warriors!
    To be continued...

  7. Warriors (2) (PS)
    In the beginning of the show, Mark shows the audience how in the last episode he was dunking during practice. He also showed how he was able to get the position on the Golden State Warriors team. The story begins from the last episode when he recieved the call from the team. Vanessa finds out that Mark quits his job from the school. Mark is signed to a 10-day contract where he has to prove to be on the team. He will play against the Phoenix Suns two times. Robin shows all the respect and believes that Mark can make the team. Robin also doubts that he will make the team and pleads with the high school coach to keep Mark's old job, if in case he does not make the team. Robin not only was able to keep Mark job open, she herself was qualified to teach the self-defence class. Robin did not want to tell Mark that she got the position. Robin also had to hide from Mark later in the episode. Also, Vanessa gets injured after Robin made some "defence" practice moves on her. Mark goes back to the Oakland Arena but was late because one of the NBA players took his name off the list and stole his uniform. Mark had a great time running drills and practicing. The big day finally came when Mark had to play against the Phoenix Suns. With Vanessa and Robin watching in the living room, Mark was on the bench half of the game and was booed when he was able to play. But that was the worst of his problems. Mark had to guard Charles Barkley! Mark could not get any of his shots off and Charles was dunking all over him. The Warriors lost the game and he had a terrible nightmare. He was surrounded by Charles Barkley in his dream and could not sleep. He had to prove himself one more time. Mark was playing at the final seconds and blocked Charles Barkley's shot and made the game winning basket. Still, Mark was cut from the team and was given his old job back and the students hanged Mark's uniform and number in the school gym.
    At the credits, Mark was saying that Charles had to dunk on him because it was in the script, and Mark could really beat him. Charles Barkley challenges him and Mark screams as loud as he can!!!

  8. Torn Beteen Two Teachers Andre can't choose between his music and basket-ball. Robin wants him to go for his piano-playing but Mark wants him to go for basket-ball.

  9. My Dinner with Mark (PS)
    In the beginning, Mark tells the audience that the show is LIVE. Mark does not know his lines.
    Vanessa invites her boss to their house to work on a business proposal. Mark thinks that Vanessa is dating him and Robin is trying to get a date with the boss. Vanessa tries to get a client by talking to her in the elevator. The client, Mrs. Walker, invites her to the meeting to a dinner with a $300 a plate price.
    Robin buys an excerize machine that makes her hang upside down and she can not get out of the machine without Mark. The boss had to take a flight out of town and wants her to reschedule. The client does not want to talk to secreatries like Vanessa. So, Vanessa has to find a person to pass as a business executive. Here comes Mark! They go to the restaurant and Vanessa tells Mark to be quiet and let Vanessa do the talking. The client asks Mark to discuss all of the business deals! Mark does not fit in with the rich crowd.
    Meanwhile, Robin tries out the machine again and can not get the phone. The phone message says the boss is going to make the dinner after all.
    Robin shows up before the boss comes but she can not get in. The client decides to get the deal, but here comes the boss! Vanessa explains everything and the deal is still on, with the client and the boss.

  10. Miracle In Oaktown (PS)
    (Tyler appears as a small role as one of the young kids asking what they want for Christmas. He says, "You're the worst Santa ever" to Mark.)
    It's Christmas time in Oakland! Vanessa finds out that she won't be able to go to her family for Christmas because she is working. Robin and Mark agrees that Vanessa will have her Christmas at their house and Vanessa can celebrate the Christmas her way, "The Russel Family Way".
    Mark agrees to be Santa Claus at the school fair that Robin is running. Robin finds out that the son (Noel) of the Guidance Counselor does not believe in Santa Claus. Mark convinces Noel that Santa will be there that night. Vanessa is Mrs. Claus and Earvin is a Rudolph. The principal is a snowman and the students are elves. Also, coach Rickets is running a military booth (!).
    "Santa" has some problems and the worst one of all is that Noel wants his dad to come home for Christmas. One problem, Noel's dad is stuck in the Navy and can not come home for Christmas. Mark tries to get the father home by using numerous ways. Still, it does not work. Mark tries everything from asking coach Rickets, to asking the kids singing outside the door.
    Vanessa still wants to go home to her family and finds out that the Robinson family went on a cruise because of her. Vanessa invents a spinner that says who opens the next gift. The spinner has 3 names. Vanessa has a big portion (90%) of it. Mark and Robin has only 5% each.
    The dad of Noel sends a video over and then the dad came over to Mark's house and hugs Noel and their mother, right after the video. It was coach Rickets who convinced his formal Admiral to send the father home. Mark still wonders, "Is there really a Santa Claus?"
    At the end, Mark and Robin spin the spinner to find out who gets to clean up the Christmas decorations. Vanessa's wheel is used against her!

  11. Unforgettable (PS)
    Vanessa speaks French to her fashion photographer boyfriend and Mark tries to find out what she is trying to say. Vanessa broke up her realtionship.
    Robin's father (a jazz musician), Chip Dumars, is coming over and everyone meets him at the Jazz club/restaurant. Vanessa is trying to get a date with a saxophone player. Chip sings some songs that impress the crowd. Robin does not want to be called "baby girl" by her father. The father and Robin do a song on the stage also. The father wants Robin to become a jazz singer. Mark convinces her father to go to Robin's music class, as long as Robin can sing with Chip at the club the next day.
    The class does not sing very well. Mark and Chip try not to disrupt the class, but soon Mark and Chip interfere Robin's class and the class learns that Rap has it's roots in jazz. Robin feels that her dad is interfering with her life.
    Vanessa's date has a child and the child adores Vanessa. But, she asks lots questions like, "How old are you?" and "What's your job?".
    Robin refuses to go to dad's perforamance. The students of Robin's music class sneak into the club to try to see Chip's perforamance. But, they do not pass off as over aged jazz friends. Vanessa finds out that the child does not like her. Robin gets into a fight with her dad and they both leave before the act. Mark tries to do some stand-up comedy before the show to stall. At the end after Mark's performance, Chip gives the microphone to Robin and she sings a beautiful song to her dad. During the credits, Robin and Chip sing another song.

  12. In Vanessa We Trust (PS)
    Vanessa makes some cookies that are burnt. After Mark tries to eat it, the landlord comes to fix the pipes. The landlord eats the cookies and dies immediately. Luckily, the landlord did not die from Vanessa's cookies but from a medical condition.
    Tyler comes over and asks, "Who takes care of the house if the landlord dies?". Mark, Robin, and Vanessa finds out that the realtor is going to sell the house. So Vanessa, Robin, and Mark pitch in to buy the house. Unfortunately, they came up with a price that is very low.
    So, buyers come over to the house and Mark and Robin try to make the house look worse so that they themselves can buy the house. They also have to try to get Tyler tell a lie and stop coming over. Also everything changes from bad to worse when Vanessa's parents cut her expenditures off and Robin, Mark, and Vanessa cannot buy the house. Also other people are ready to buy the house.
    Vanessa's father is coming over to see if he can give the money. Unfortunately, Vanessa's mother comes over and Vanessa can not haggle the price. Still, the mother does not want to give the money until everyone starts pleading. Still, Vanessa will have to pay her back in months. Everything is going great until they find out that Tyler's parents buy the house before Vanessa's parents do. Tyler's parents will kick Mark, Vanessa, and Robin out by the end of the month.
    Everyone starts to look for houses to rent. Then, Tyler talks his dad into not moving Vanessa, Robin, and Mark. On one condition: Tyler will now get to come over every day at any time.
    At the end, Tyler comes over to watch televison at 5 am and Mark joins him.

  13. Forbidden Fruit

  14. How to Succeed in Business... (PS)
    In the beginning of the episode, Robin is trying to convince the teachers to unite as a strike group, and reject a new contract with the school district that is unfair. Mark decides that the teachers should strike.
    The next day, the teachers and students make signs and strike. Mark is seen on television advertising the strike and telling the camera what they want. Tyler comes over to collect the rent money and Mark could not pay the rent.
    Mark decides to become a mail deliverer at Vanessa's office. Mark storms into Vanessa's office, interupts her meeting, and makes jokes. After that Mark does not follow Vanessa's orders, and Vanessa does not have the will power to fire him. Mark delviers coffee to the boss and also impresses a client. Vanessa finds out that Mark became friends with the boss and he becomes the assistant to the manager of Sales. Mark gets a higher position and a larger salary than Vanessa. He also gets a secretary. Vanessa finds out that she is the secretary to both the boss and Mark!
    The next day, Mark impresses the co-workers and Vanessa takes command of his office and Vanessa. Mark has a fun time and the students comes over and is amazed with Mark and his office. Vanessa gets upset and Mark impresses another client. Robin still organizes the strike and Tyler comes over and waits for Mark's rent. Robin also tries to negotiate with the district and both Robin and Mark impress the district.
    Vanessa has a bad day doing paperwork while Mark plays golf and gets new suits. The next day, Vanessa quits. Mark tries to convince her but a real football player (Marcus Allen) comes in and takes Mark's job. Vanessa backs out of her resignation as Mark gets fired.
    Robin comes in and says the strike is over and makes a deal not to make any cuts with the teachers. The students complain and try to make another strike, but Mark scares the students when Mark tries to strike again for "..school on Saturday and separate girls and boys classes...".
    During the credits, Mark comes in and sees Tyler and tries to get Tyler's money that Mark gave him when he was rich. Mark chases and says, "Your going to be the kid in Home Alone Lost in Oakland."

  15. Valentine's Day Massacre (PS)
    In this episode, Tyler sneaks into Vanessa's room while she gets dressed. Mark gives advice to keep his eyes open when it happens again. Robin goes on a blind date. Vanessa dates a doctor. Mark does not have a date but looks at the television and sees themselves on a show called "Love Match". The show will follow Mark, Robin, and Vanessa on their Valentine's day.
    The game show host interviews the cast and Vanessa's date comes in and Mark makes fun of both of them. But Mark still needs a date and here comes Robin's date. Robin starts liking her date until she finds out that he is addicted to his car. On Vanessa's date, her date tries to get her to tell the truth about everyhting and she insults the restaurant. Also, her date's ex-girlfrined is trying to kill him. Robin's date is not going so well when his car does not start.
    At the house, Tyler and Mark have a fun time playing war games. When Mark answers the door, a woman appears and asks to use his phone. Mark gets Tyler out and Mark tries to get to "know her better". Mark finds out that she is trying to rob him. Another woman, ties him and they steal Mark's wallet and money. Mark is tied up and can not move. So far, this Valentine's Day is not going so well.
    The "Love Match" show is still going on and shows Mark trying to leave and the girls are stealing everything in the house. Both Robin and the blind date are still stuck and they finally fall in love with each other. Later in the show, Robin breaks up the date when she finds out that he works for a company that pollutes and causes harm to the environment. The two robbers are stealing when they see Mark's friend and he also gets tied up.
    Vanessa's boyfriend is still afraid of her girlfriend trying to kill her. The ex-girlfriend shows up and Vanessa's boyfriend falls in love with his ex-girlfriend.
    Back at the house, the women steal everything when Tyler calls the police and the police shows up. Mark tries to get a date with the detective. The "Love Match" show ends by interviews with the cast. Robin and Vanessa's dates did not work out and Mark falls in love with the detective.
    The audience votes which date was the best match for them. Results: Mark 60% Robin 40% Vanessa 0%. In the end, the "Love Match" show convinces Mark to go on a date with the robber.
    During the credits, Tyler breaks down the door while playing war with Mark. But Tyler meets a girl and Mark is alone again.

  16. Boyz in the Woodz (PS)
    Robin and Mark are getting ready for a "Wilderness Training-Camping Trip" with the students. In this episode, Mark starts out by wearing his camping equipment and Mark even packs his own life-raft. Vanessa can't go with them at first, but they convinces her to go with them. Then, Tyler tries to get in on the trip but Mark does not let him come. Coach gives Mark some tips on survival. All the students (girls and boys) meet at Mark's house and they're ready to go. Earvin and Andre bet on which one could get a date with the other campers. Tyler tries to sneak in but gets left at home.
    On the road, Mark gets everone lost when he is driving. Once they get to the camping site, they're in a cottage/cabin with all the elctrical needs! Radio, TV, Nintendo, hot tub, pool, sauna, kitchen, heated waterbeds etc.. This is not camping, its a luxury relaxing cottage! The students, Vanessa and Robin, are amazed and "like camping". Mark tells everyone to rough it out like he d! id in high school and go outside to sleep and also to kill your own food. Unfortunatly, everyone disagrees with him but is made to go outside in the wilderness right next to the cabin.
    Vanessa thinks it's a snake when actually Earvin tried to bring a generator. Instead of Earvin and Andre getting the dates, everyone like Issac! Mark gets Poison Oak on him again and Robin decides that the girls should go inside and "rough it out" and the boys go outside and sleep. Earvin and Andre try to sneak back in the house, but Mark catches them.
    Inside the house, someone sees a burglar and it is actually a judge trying to find his cabin - the cabin they're in. The judge calls the police and everone blames Mark for stealing and everyone goes to prision for breaking in.
    Vanessa is the only one that gets special treatment because she is rich. Mark does not want to call coach Rickets because he does not want to admit he screw things up. Mark still teaches the students a lesson and calls coach Rickits to verify Mark's and Robin's stories. Coach gets everyone out of jail except Mark.
    Mark screams when he is the only one stuck in the cell with the convicted look-alike "Mr. Rogers". During the credits, Mark and Coach are in the same situation going back home to Oakland. This time Coach gets lost and says he knows where he is going. Soon a red uniformed soldier approaches the car and says, "Welcome to Canada! Ae! Can I see your passports please!"

  17. Boyz Don't Leave (PS)
    Tyler comes over and wants to run away from his parents because their new baby is annoying and is getting more attention than he. He comes over with luggage and Mark opens one of the bags and gets bitten by a cat. Vanessa speaks to Tyler's parents and Tyler is ready to sleep over at Mark's place. Vanessa comes over and says that if they send Tyler over it would hurt him emotionally.
    Robin's boyfriend has a birthday and Robin has to make a surprise present at the last minute. Robin will give him a picture of herself. Vanessa has to go to the office since the computers broke down. Mark tries to get Tyler out of the house since Mark has a date.
    Mark and his date go to a restaurant and Tyler joins in. Tyler orders a lobster and gets Mark in trouble and Mark has to pay for two lobsters that only Tyler ate. They also go to the movies and Tyler sits alone. When they get home, Mark is left alone with Tyler and Tyler tries to sleep in Mark's room. Mark tells Tyler to go sleep on the couch until he sees Tyler's cat on the bed. Mark says to Tyler: "New plan. I'll sleep on the couch and you take the floor. We'll let the cat take my room."
    The next day, Mark is afraid of Tyler's cat and has breakfast with Robin. Tyler ate a whole packet of cereal and Mark does the dishes. Mark's girlfriend takes Tyler to the zoo. Robin buys a bracelet instead of a frame for his birthday. Robin gives Mark a clock radio instead of giving it to the boyfriend. Vanessa come over mad and Mark not only trips over Tyler's skateboard but eats cat food accidently. Mark gets Vanessa to call Tyler's parents and Tyler's family comes over and Tyler is still ignored. Robin is leaving but stops when she sees the baby. Everyone likes the baby except Tyler who still feels sad.
    That night, Robin and her boyfriend comes over and Robin does not know which gift to give him. Robin finds out that he still sees his old girlfriend and she gives him meat.
    Mark let Tyler meet his older sister, Beverly. Beverly says the bad and embarassing things about Mark and says that he is a cry baby. Tyler starts laughing and finds out that the older child can push the younger around.
    During the credits, Mark speaks with his uncle Ed (actually Mark) and Mark is bored and tries to hurry up the conversation but uncle Ed has a hard time remembering. (Uncle Ed looks exactly like Mark's grandfather in a later episode.)

  18. The Unteachables (PS)
    In the beginning of the episode, Mark comes in and tells the audience about the show and Mark snaps his fingers and makes everyone disappear and reappear.
    It all starts out in the Teacher's Lounge. Mark will teach a History class that the students are not interested in. Mark makes a bet with another teacher to see whose class is the smartest. Robin will hold the test.
    To encourage the students about History, Mark uses a great technique so that they can learn history. Meanwhile at home, Vanessa starts dresssing and treating Tyler's dog as a girl. During class, Andre is the only person that knows the answers and the rest of the class is not interested. Mark finds out that also Earvin is a very good student and knows everything about History and even outsmarted Issac. But, Earvin says that he won't be in the contest because he does not want everyone to know that he is smart. Mark tries to convince him that he would have a great future, but it does not work.
    At home, Tyler's dog chewd up Robin's irreplaceable shoe. Tyler convinces his father that Tyler would keep the dog, but the dog does not want to go with Tyler and stays with Vanessa. Tyler is unhappy and Vanessa is happy that she gets to keep the dog. Mark brings some students over to study more facts. Earvin still impresses Mark and the other students.
    The day for the competition comes and Mark's team looks confident and says that Earvin will answer most of the questions since he knows most of the answers faster. Earvin impresses the crowd by knowing the answers faster than the other team. It it still a tough match and Earvin gets one wrong and Mark gets upset. The question was: "Who killed Martin Luther King Jr." Earvin says: "The CIA." The team feels that Earvin is the only smart one and Mark tells Earvin not to answer the next questions. The rest of the team does well and the score is tied at 36 and there is a tie-breaking question. Issac and Andre buzz in at the same time and Issac gets the question wrong. Can Andre answer the question correctly to win the game?
    During the credits, Vanessa gives the dog to Tyler and everybody finds out that the dog responds to Vanessa when she speaks French.

  19. Piano Lesson (PS)
    Tyler comes over asking for food and sees Mark's fireworks. Mark hides the fireworks.
    Robin's boyfriend, Jason, gives Robin a necklace. Robin assumes that she will go to Hawaii that weekend. Robin cannot go with Mark to play pool that night so Robin makes Vanessa go with Mark to the pool house. When Vanessa was young, she went to the Senate Rec. Center with her father, where she learnt to play pool. Vanessa still does not fit in with the crowd. Vanessa also gets Mark into a fight with a professional pool player and Vanessa also challenges him to a pool game.
    When they get back home, they tell Robin they had a great time at the pool house and that they won the game. Mark and Vanessa goes to a Jazz Concert. Also, Robin's boyfriend tells Robin that he has to go to Hawaii for meetings and can not bring her along. Robin wants to go to the Jazz Concert with Vanessa and Mark but they only have two tickets.
    Robin is stuck at home when Tyler comes over and sneaks to Mark's toolbox and gets Mark's fireworks. Tyler gets distracted and put it in Robin's piano. Mark and Vanessa come back and tell about their great time and were about to see a great movie. Robin gets into a fight because she is getting left out.
    Mark still smells fire and leaves. Tyler opens up the piano and smoke fills the room. Tyler tells Mark that their is a fire in the living room. Mark alerts Robin and Vanessa and by mistake saves Vanessa and forgets Robin. Robin saves herself and they all watch smoke come out of the house as the fire department comes. The fire only burns down the piano and the fire department says it was a smoke bomb.
    The fire department also towed Robin's car. Robin assumes that Mark and Vanessa burned down the piano. Mark finds out that Tyler was the one who burned down the piano. Tyler confesses and Robin still is mad at Mark and Vanessa. Can Robin forgive everybody?
    During the credits, Tyler comes over to tell them he is being punished by his dad. Mark shows Robin the new piano he bought her. The piano is used and doesn't work. On top of that, a part of it falls apart. Robin asks Tyler for another firework to burn down the "weird" piano.

  20. Post Moving-In Syndrome (PS)
    In the beginning of the episode, Mark is fixing Tyler's bike. Tyler asks to have dinner with them but Mark says no. Tyler asks Vanessa and Robin and they say yes. They are celebrating their eight month anniversary of living together and being roomates. We go back in time when they moved in together. Mark and his friends are playing basketball outside and Vanessa and Robin takes their basketball.
    Mark gets a Spanish class at the high school. Mark tries to use the bathroom so he could get their earlier but Vanessa is doing her hair. Mark gets into the bathroom through another door. Robin, Mark, and Vanessa are having a hard time using the only bathroom. Mark goes to class late and meets the principal. The principal remembers Mark and gets a headache. Mark tries to read the lesson plan but he can't because it's in Spanish. Robin asks Mark to get home and sign for the new chairs arriving at home. Mark gets locked out of the class by Earvin.
    At home, Mark tries to get used to the new furniture and they all decide to make some house rules. Everyone gets mad at everyone because of the new rules. Some of the rules are: 15 minute limit in the bathroom, eat your own food that you bought, and wash your own dishes. While Mark is playing basketball, Mark has to clean the dishes. Also, Mark has to stretch out his one can of soda for nine people. Mark gets humiliated in front of his friends and there is a new rule made up by Robin and Vanessa. The rule is no basketball after 10 p.m. Vanessa uses 60 minutes in the bathroom. Mark complains and Robin and Vanessa gets Mark's rim from the basketball hoop. Mark threatens to spray paint the new furniture and Vanessa's shoes. Can they all agree to the new rules?
    At the end, Vanessa is the only one talking about the story and everyone falls asleep. During the credits, Mark and Tyler are singing "This is a Man's World".

  21. Livin' a Large Lie (PS)
    Tyler is shaving with Mark in the bathroom. Robin and Vanessa are trying to get Tyler's father to fix the bathroom tiles. Mark also tries to fix the bathroom tiles but gets injured and also gets his hand stuck to the wall.
    Mark's grandmother calls up from Detroit. She will come over in a few days. Mark tells a lie to her grandmother that he still plays with the Warriors. Mark tires to get Robin to be the cook and Vanessa the maid when she comes over. The day comes and Mark tries to get Tyler out of the house and Robin and Vanessa serves Mark. The grandmother is impressed and eats everything that Robin cooks. Also the grandmother, still does not know that Mark was cut from the Warriors. The grandmother is so fascinated, that she will stay for another week.
    Robin and Vanessa urge Mark to tell the truth. Mark tries to tell the grandmother the truth but does not have the courage. Everything goes well until the grandmother sees Tyler watching the Warriors game and Mark is upstairs. The grandmother, Vanessa, and Robin decide to pull a pratical joke on Mark. Can Mark find out that they're playing a practical joke on him?
    During the credits, Mark finally finishes the bathroom tile and once he leaves, the tile and the ceiling fall down.

  22. A Moving Experience (PS)
    Mark, Robin, and there friends are playing dominos. Vanessa and Tyler want to play. Earvin has to ask Mark a question. The coach wins the game and breaks the table.
    Earvin has trouble in maths and if he does not pass he will have to repeat the grade. Mark decides to help him. The next day, Mark tries to teach Earvin but both of them get distracted.
    Mark finds out that his friend needs a new roomate at his new apartment. Mark tells Vanessa and Robin and they wonder what to do with Mark's room. Mark moves into the new apartment. Mark tries to tutor Earvin but does not have time because of the new parties around the building. One night, Earvin comes over and Mark tries to tutor but Mark gets distracted because of another party going on at their apartment. Earvin feels left out and also feels that he will flunk the math class.
    That night at home, Vanessa and Robin miss Mark. Mark comes back home to visit and do his laundry. Robin also notices at school and at home that he is falling asleep during class. When Mark goes back to the apartment, which is dirty and finds out that there is yet another party.
    Can Mark stand the new apartment and its distractions? Will Mark finally help Earvin in maths? Will Vanessa and Robin take Mark back?

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