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Fourth season

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P.J. is not in this season. Vanessa comes back from New Guinea. Geneva becomes principal of the High School. Earvin has become one of the main characters.
  1. Together Again (by unknown)
    Vanessa returns home to running water and tiled floors after her "honeymoon" which turned out actually to be more like a version of a "Crocodile Dundee" scenario. Mark returns home disenchanted by his experience at Georgetown telling Geneva that he intends to get his old job at the high school by conning and giving P.J. a "devotion to the kids" story while deceitfully planning to get a better job elsewhere, only to find out that P.J. has already resigned the post of principal to Geneva, herself. To make matters worse, after promising and committing himself on Geneva's terms that he will stay for a whole year, the head coach of Georgetown University makes a personal visit to the Cooper house informing Mark that he wasn't really fired but that he and the other coaches were playing a practical joke on their new recruit.

  2. It's a Matter of Principal (PS)
    Mark is celebrating a pep rally party for the basketball team. He and the team plan to throw the works. The best rooms, food, etc. Mark plans to use the school's money because Mark "knows" the new principal, Geneva. Geneva conducts her first board meeting and all the teachers are complaining about Mark getting the "special treatment". The teachers plan to walk out and complain to the district.
    Geneva has a hard time of putting the foot down and setting Mark straight. She tries to calm down when she finds out that Mark plans a party using the school's money, which is on a budget cut with the other departments. Can Geneva put her foot down before the rest of the faculty gets Geneva out?

  3. R.O.T.C. (PS)
    Mark hires Aunt Geneva's boyfriend to teach the school about the ROTC. Mark will co-teach the class and since Aunt Geneva's boyfriend is a true ROTC soldier, he tells the rules and regulations about the ROTC. Ervin and the other class mates are bored and tried to sneak out of class. After they are caught, Mark suggests a paint ball war to enspire the class and keep them awake. It would be set up into two teams (Mark's Team and Aunt Geneva's boyfriend's Team). Whoever caught the team's flag wins. Mark's Team is unexperienced and Mark and Earvin in the only people left on his team. Mark and Earvin were about to catch the flag when they are ambushed and surrounded. Worst of all, Mark covers himself with a plant that is poisonous and has pink medicine spots all over his face and body.

  4. E.R. (TB)
    Mark is building Nicole a swing set in the back yard Vanessa is trying to be a nurse and Geneva is trying to lose weight. Mark finish Nicole swing set but it was damaged after Nicole and Tyler tried it out. Vanessa failed her EMT test at the hospital and she came home sad Mark tried the swing set for himself when he swung the swing broke and Mark hit his head on the ground Vanessa comes home sad and tries to talk to Mark but he was talking to her while he was dazed. Vanessa turnes around and finds out that Mark has a concussion and she tries to keep him awake while she calls Geneva to help she goes crazy and does everything wrong while Mark is walking around dazed talking and trying to fight a picture and seeing double Vanessa tells Geneva to get him so water but when she came back she trips and threw the water all over Mark. Mark thinks its raining in the house the doctors come and takes Mark to the hospital and he praises Vanessa on a job well done and tells her when he first started he failed his test he got Vanessa to take her test over. At dinner they give Vanessa an EMT kit for helping Mark and for passing the test.

  5. Halloween (PS)
    When Tyler becomes scared while watching a horror movie, Nicole and her friend, Sandy (SHEKINAH WILLIAMS), tease him and dare him to camp out in a haunted house on Halloween. Tyler does, and Mark skips a costume party to go get him. But they both stay the night in the haunted house.
    Meanwhile, Vanessa gets a job as an emergency medical technician and has her first ambulance assignment on Halloween night.
    KEITH AMOS guest stars as Derrick, ALEC MAPA as Perry, CHARLES DOUGHERTY as Harold and SHAR JACKSON as Carol.

  6. Ghost in the Machine (PS)
    Nicole breaks Mark's prized mug, which has his picture on it with his hero, basketball great JULIUS "DR. J" ERVING (himself). She lets Vanessa take the blame but, later, while playing a fantasy computer game, Nicole falls asleep and has a dream that teaches her the importance of honesty. In the dream, Nicole has to save Princess Vanessa from the Glue Dragon. Nicole follows Mark the Good down the Road to Truth. When she wakes up, Nicole confesses that she broke the mug.
    Basketball player JULIUS "DR. J" ERVING guest stars as himself.

  7. Waterworld (TB)
    The plumbing in the house is broke Geneva and Vanessa wants Mark to get a plumber but he does not want a plumber. When Mark was gone Geneva got Lue the plumber to come over and fix the pipes Mark comes home and they hide Lue and tells the kids to keep Mark busy but they couldn't he comes in the kitchen and asks what is going on thats when Lue snezzed and Geneva and Vanessa snezzed after Lue Mark see him and tells him to come out but Vanessa lies and says they are dating but he doesn't buy it and he tells Lue to leave. He suggests that he will fix the pipes himself but Geneva and Vanessa don't beleive him. Earvin comes over with his uncles plumbing book and Mark takes it after going threw the basement they go up to the bathroom where Mark tries to find the pipes while Earvin is acting stupid. Mark messes up the walls put he still did't find the pipe Earvin took the cabinet off the wall and found the pipes when they found it they were hit buy water later Mark invites Vanessa in the bathroom showing that he fixed the pipes but when she flushed the toilet they were hit by water Geneva comes in and was hit by water also. Later Mark calls secretly calls Lue and he fixes the pipes. At the end of the episode they were watching tv and the lights started to go off they made a fuss and make told them he will fix it since he did fix the plumbing he goes in the kitchen and calls a Electrician.

  8. I Remember Grandpa (PS)
    Mark has to go to his Grandpa Cooper's (also played by MARK CURRY) mountain cabin and clean it, which he hates. Whenever he went there as a child he had to do some kind of menial work. Nicole and Tyler accompany him, as does Geneva, who has a different memory of the cabin. Then Grandpa Cooper comes and gives the cabin to Mark.
    Vanessa also comes, but only because there is a retreat for divorced doctors nearby. Unfortunately, she cannot get to them because she is stranded in a broken-down powerboat.
    RASHAAN NALL guest stars as young Mark and JAQUITA GREEN as young Geneva.

  9. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (PS & TB)
    Geneva becomes exasperated with everyone in the house treating her like a servant, so she moves out with Nicole. Mark invites his inconsiderate friends, Steve Warner (recurring guest star STEVE WHITE) and Lydell (recurring guest star LEWIS DIX), to move in, causing Vanessa to angrily move out.
    Later, when the guys start treating Mark badly, he realizes how Geneva felt. Nicole and Tyler devise a scheme to get Mark and Geneva to make peace. At school Mark asks Geneva to come back and she accepts. Mark, Vanessa and Geneva agree to behave better and move back in together.

  10. The Great Pretender (PS)
    Mark allows medical trainee Vanessa to practice wrapping bandages on him. While wearing a shoulder brace used for a broken collar bone, Mark meets his beautiful new neighbour, Monique (AMY HUNTER). Before Mark can explain that he is not injured, Monique becomes sympathetic. Using the situation to his advantage, Mark asks her on a date.
    At a fancy restaurant, Mark wreaks havoc because the restrictive brace makes him clumsy. When Mark and Monique return to the house, Vanessa ruins everything by revealing the truth.
    Meanwhile, Nicole insists on wearing hip-hop clothing to express her individuality.
    BILL AKEY guest stars as the waiter and ERICA LUTTRELL as the girl.

  11. Christmas '95 (PS)
    Disgusted by the commercialization of Christmas, Mark persuades everyone to accompany him to a nostalgic Christmas tree farm. The adventure is ruined when they discover that the farm is just a booth with scrawny little trees. Then Mark's car becomes disabled on a deserted road. When the group finally reaches a place to stay for the night, the North Star Inn, they witness the birth of a child and remember the true meaning of Christmas.
    KENNETH MARS guest stars as Mr. Hucklebuck, BILL STEVENSON as the clerk, MITCH MULLANY as Joey, RACHEL MORGAN as Mary Lou and JASON EDWARDS as Mr. Wiseman.

  12. Increase the Peace (CC)
    Earvin falls in love with a girl named Monica, whose brother is a member of a gang. When Eddie discovers that Earvin likes Monica, he plans to put an end to it. Everything changes when Eddie's gangster lifestyle leads to Monica's death. After the show the entire cast is seen making a plead to "stop the killing".

  13. Robo Golf (PS)
    In a previous episode, Mark had a bad arm and destoryed Larry Weeks (Mark Lim Baker)office and caused him to be mentalized. Now Mark meets Larry again and finds out that he is the manager of a local sporting goods shop in the mall. Mark and Larry become friends and Larry asks Mark to test out a machine that would swing your arm for you when you make a golf drive. The machine is hooked up to the simulator in the shop. The machine works well and Mark and Larry will sell and market the machine to the world. The rest of the family wants some money and Mark will share the profit with them. Aunt Geneva is curious and does not want in, feeling that there would be something wrong with that business. Anut Geneva wants Nicole and Tyler to learn a lesson if the business does not work out. Finally, the day is here and Mark has to present the machine to some investors. Unfortunatly, there was a big glitch in the machine causing the machine to take control of Mark's hands and he starts destroying the sporting goods store. All of the family's profits is lost in the machine since it set a bad defect and Larry is afraid of Mark again!!

  14. Coach Counselor (PS & TB)
    Mark complains to Geneva when his office is given to the football coach. Geneva convinces him to become a student guidance counselor in return for an office. Unfortunately, the office turns out to be a former janitor's supply closet. Mark advises Calvin (recurring guest star MERLIN SANTANA), a cocky football player who is winning a lot of games lately, and helps him with his egotistical attitude. Mark tells him all his fame is going to come to an end. Everyone is praising Calvin until he loses the big game and everyone started booing him and Mark gives him a pep talk to make him feel better.
    Meanwhile, Geneva hires Vanessa to baby-sit Nicole. Vanessa just wants Nicole to like her, so she allows Nicole to eat ice-cream and watch television instead of studying and eating dinner.
    DEON RICHMOND guest stars as Lewis, LORRAINE FIELDS as Miss Simpson, MICHAEL MILHOAN as Coach Holmes and CHRISTINE RENEE MILLER as girl no. 1.

  15. Talent Show (MC)
    Mark holds a talent show that everybody wants to be in. A foney lawyer promises that boys 2 men will perform. Every one is disappointedand to their surprise a student from their school can sing very well so he saves the day!

  16. Globetrotters (PS)
    For Mark's birthday, everyone pitches in and gives Mark a present. Six tickets to see the Harlom Globe Trotters!! Mark tells the story that he has never seen the Globe Troters and has wanted to go ever since he was little boy. When he was young, he was stuck in traffic and another time he had a cold and the doctor stole his tickets. Since Mark does not want to go on the road in a car since they might get stuck in traffic, Mark, Tyler, and Vanessa go on the BART (Bay Area Rapid tranist) which is a local subway. Once they go on, Tyler scares Vanessa that they are under water and they could die any minute. But the subway stops and they are delayed causing Mark to miss the game. Once they get home, Geneva, Nicole, and Geneva's boyfriend explains that they had a great time and Mark may never see the Globe Trotters. Then Vanesssa was able to get the Harlem Globe Trotters to play for Mark. One problem, Mark has to pretend to be king of an African country!!!!

  17. Rivals (TB & PS & JA)
    Jamie Foxx stars as Coach Armstrong. Mark's competition with a rival high school basketball coach escalates to a life-threatening degree. The teams start stealing things from eachother. Armstrong tells Mark that he know he stole their Howdy Hat and he wants it back. Mark tells him no and Armstrong fakes a heartattack so he can get the hat back. Geneva tells Mark beacuse of Armstrong, Mark is banned from the championship game.
    Meanwhile, Vanessa bribes Tyler to pretend to be her son so that she can go to a meeting for unmarried people and attract a certain unwed father.
    Mark goes to the championship game anyway. When Mark finds out that Armstrong was only faking, he tries to sabotage the game between their teams and he gets Armstrong and himself thrown out the game. In the locker room Mark and Armstrong works out their differences and Mark gets the last laugh.

  18. The Curse (SV)
    Tyler goes with Mark to buy a classic used car, which the owner agrees to sell for only $500 because he thinks it's cursed. Mark scoffs, but a moment later a bird leaves droppings on his coat -- and this is just the beginning of the bad luck streak to come.
    Back home, Vanessa shows Mark and Geneva the pearls her new boyfriend gave her, and claims this relationship is serious. Geneva's friend Brenda is coming to visit, and she makes Mark agree to take Brenda out on a date since she has a meeting but Mark concludes from her high school photo that she's ugly, and gets his friend Lydell to go out with her instead. When Brenda arrives, Mark sees how attractive she is now, and wants to go out with her but Lydell shows up in his best green suit, and the three of them end up going to dinner together.
    Mark and Lydell each try to impress her at the restaurant, and trip up the other but in the end Brenda shares Lydell's taste for chili onion rings and Star Trek, and they go back to Lydell's house to watch the "Trouble with Tribbles" episode. To make matters worse, Marks "cursed" car is towed from the restaurant.
    Back home, Vanessa tells Mark and Geneva that her "serious" boyfriend turned out to be married, and his wife took the pearls from her. Tyler and his two friends have been speaking hip-hop street slang throughout the episode, but when Nicole tries it in front of Geneva, the boys all pretend they don't know what Nicole is doing. However, Tyler decides to keep Nicole company, instead of going for pizza with his friends, and gives her the street name "Nick Knack".
    At the end of the episode, Mark sells his "cursed" car to another man, and a bird immediately leaves droppings on the buyer's coat.

  19. Grumpy Old Man (SV)
    Nicole and Tyler make fun of Mark's attempt to fix his old bicycle, after he sold his "cursed" car (from the previous episode). Vanessa tells Mark that an old man in the retirement home where she works - Knuckleball Smith, a former baseball player - wants to sell his classic car. But Knuckleball tells Mark he was only selling the car to please his girlfriend Edna and since he and Edna have broken up, he wants to keep the car, so he and his two friends can cruise for women. Mark decides he'll get Edna and Knuckleball together again so he can buy the car.
    Meanwhile, Geneva isn't invited to go to the karaoke bar with the other teachers, and thinks it's a sign that they don't like her, and won't support her attempt to become principal on a permanent basis, so she decides to have a karaoke party at home to gain their support. The party is a disaster, and the three teachers who show up leave early.
    Mark and Vanessa avoid the party by going to the dance at the retirement home. Mark finds out Edna likes squaredancing, and succeeds in making Knuckleball jealous by dancing with Edna. They get back together, and Mark gets the car.
    In the end, Geneva is approved as permanent principal of the school, and the teachers explain that they just didn't like her singing. Mark gives Geneva a "Soul Train" introduction on the school P.A. system, and she sings "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" to the whole school - badly.

  20. True Confessions (LLB)
    On this episode Marl true feelings for Vannesa comes out. Vannesa is dating a man that Geneva set her up with. Vannesa is sitting in the living room with Clifford when Mark rudley interupts there date. He sat the whole evening talking to Clifford about basketball. Then Vannesa told Mark never to be home when she has another date with him. Mark says okay. Later on Tyler tells Mark that he is writing a paper about the person that he most admires. Mark thinks it is him he wants to write the paper about. Then Tyler ask him for Cliffords phone mumber. Nicole comes in and says that Tyler can't write about Clifford because she is wrting about Clifford. Then Marks tries to tell the kids that one could write abot Clifford and the other could write about him. Then Nicole says that they could both write about Clifford only differnet parts of his life. She would write about him as the piliot and Tyler could write about him as the business man. Mark gets upset and decides to pay Vannesa and Clifford back for what he did by treating them to a Whitney Houston Concert. She acepts. Gineva told Mark that Clifford had a ex-finance and Mark tracted her down through Clifford's job. He decide to take her with him to the concert hoping that they would come back together. It worked. Vannesa got angry and demanded to know why he set it up. He told her but only after Vannesa had to break his windsheild and his lights on his car. Mark and Vannesa kissed and they realized that they did have feelings for each other after all.

  21. Breaking up is Hard to Do (TB & PS)
    Mark and Vanessa announce that they are officially dating. But after they have a fight, they decide it would be best to stop dating but remain friends. Mark and Vanessa try to date other people but they can't. On Vanessa's date all she could think about is Mark. On Mark's date with the twins all he could think about is Vanessa. Geneva decides to get them back together so she takes Vanessa and Nicole to a fastfood place where Mark and Tyler are...?... Mark sees them and tries to ..?.. but she tells her Vanessa lost her keys in the box of balls he goes in and see Vanessa and after talking they made up. They realize that they want to be with each other and get back together.

  22. Will She or Won't She? (JA)
    Lydell is marrying his girl-friend Florence. Geneva tells him they can have the wedding in the house. Mark tries to talk Lydell out of marriage and Vanessa gets mad at him. Eric is back in town and wants to take Vanessa out to lunch at the St. Francis Hotel. She goes with him. When Mark comes home, Vanessa isn't there. He makes Geneva tell where she is. Mark rushes down to the hotel and seardhes the whole building (although we doesn't get to see that). When he returns home, Vanessa is already back. She tells him where she has been. Mark says that he couldn't find them. Vanessa tells him they went to look at wedding rings. When Mark thinks that Eric has proposed marriage to her, he asks her to marry him. When Vanessa tells him the ring wasn't for her, Mark takes back his proposal.
    Mark tells Lydell that marriage is like a prison. Lydell gets cold feet, but Mark manages to get him to the altar. He tells him what his uncle used to say: "You know you've got the right girl when all others disappear.". That's what Mark experiences during the wedding. He has only eyes for Vanessa.
    Geneva is directing a school play which Nicole has written. It includes Tyler being a pink bunny. Geneva wants him to hop but Tyler wants to be a cool bunny.
    Vanessa forgives Mark for the incident with the proposal, when he wants to take her out to talk about their relationship. Where they're going is a surprise. It turns out to be a basketball game. Vanessa is not happy and she is ready to leave when Mark tells her to look at the scoreboard. It says "Vanessa, I love you. Will you marry me?". Mark repeats it directly to Vanessa.
    To be continued...

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