Introduction to "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper"

This introduction is for those of you who've never watched the show and wonder what this page is all about.

So, you've never watched the show. I'll tell you what "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" is all about. "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" is created by Jeff Franklin, the same man who created "Full House". The show is a Bickley-Warren Production.

Mark Cooper (Mark Curry) is a teacher / basketball coach at the local High School somewhere in Oakland, California. It's actually the same school he attended as a student. He's mostly single, but he doesn't live alone, although he sometimes wish he did. He has three room-mates: Vanessa, who always is looking for Mr. Right - but he'd better be rich and handsome, Geneva, who also works at the High School, and Geneva's daughter Nicole. Other characters are Tyler, Nicole's best friend who lives next-door, and Earvin, a student at the High School, who currently is on his sixth year in High School.

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