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face Hi ! How about my new homepage? First I would like to interview myself. My name is Jason Lau aka ACiDReD. <-- that's my nick when I play IRC. If you don't know what is IRC click here to get it. I usually join DALnet server. Look for me with the nick ACiDReD or penyu. Message me if you want to chat with me.  

I always hang around #seremban , #asiacafe , #chat-world , #jb or maybe somewhere else. :) Add me in you notify list. I love to kow friends from everywhere. Or email me, I love reading mails. I might reading mails now. Check out my picture gallery and links. I got alot of friends all over the world. :) I love collecting mp3s. I got more than 500MBs of mp3s in my HDD. Click here to know more about me. What's new in my homepage? I've added some links that you might love it. And some information about what's new for 1998. Before you go, make sure that you sign my guestbook. 


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