In the beginning was Gordon Matthew Sumner.

Born on October 2, 1951 in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Wallsend, England. He became Sting, rock star, actor, solo musician and champion of the Amazon Indians.

Grammar school in St. Cuthbert. Studied in Warwick University. Adopts the name Sting on his first gig with the Phoenix Jazz Band.

First band, Earthrise, with fellow student Gerry Richardson. Taught history. Forms jazz rock band, Last Exit. Marries Francis Eleanor Tomelty at age 24. Joined The Police with Henri Padovani and Stewart Copeland in 1977.

World Tour in 1979. Divorces Frances. The Police' Fifth album released in 1983. Met Trudie Styler. Acted in Dune as Feyd. Solo album released June 17, 1985. Acts with Meryl Streep. Meets Chief Raoni of the Kayapo Indians.

Stars opposite Kathleen Turner. Amnesty International's "Human Rights Now!" Tour in Brazil. Set up Rainforest Foundation. World Tour with new band in 1991. Honorary doctorate by University of Nothumbria, England. Married Trudie in 1992. Considered as one of the World's Greatest Composers in a book series published in 1993.


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