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Welcome to My Home page

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I thought that it was about time to open a home page for myself; so here it is!

Don't expect too much from this page though! you'll have your basic stuff: (Drum Roll)... access to movie sites, film schools, film competitions; links to cool soccer pages etc...(perhaps it's not so basic after all...)

I am currently a proud Film and Media Arts undergrad. at Temple University

If you would like information about Temple university, click here

Are you interested in Temple's Film and Media Arts Program ? Then click away...

Personal information This site isn't opened yet, will be opened shortly so come back later to get some info. on ME!

I will be providing access to a page which will have my first film script "DESPAIR" in a while. (just informing those who would like to read it and waste time...)

Since I'm majoring in Film & Media, I guess you're expecting some links to cool film sites... Well, here they are: