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Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce you to my newly adopted cyber-pets.

Meet Heidi. She's the mascot of all the cyber animals.

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Heidi is just 3 months old and a bit shy but I'm sure things will work out just fine for her. I adopted her on July 9, 1998. Be gentle with her and not too noisy around her and I think she will be your friend in no time. She was adopted from mascsign.gif (2735 bytes) You can visit with Heidi in The Play Pen.

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Anthoney was my first.  I adopted him on July 2, 1998. He is a wonderful little dolphin and I know you will see him swimming around our home from time to time.

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Anthoney is a 6 month old bottlenosed dolphin and if you know anything at all about dolphins, they love people. Anthoney loves people and would love to show you around his new home.   I'm waiting for the right one to become available. You can visit Anthoney in The Dolphin Pool.

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Tina is my Dachshund. She is a very well behaved little girl.

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I adopted her on July 8, 1998. She is about 9 months old and very playful, so why not visit her playpen and have a romp with her. Click on Tina to visit her adoption center. You can visit Tina in The Play Pen.

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