'N Sync consist of JC Chasez(from Washington age: 21), Justin Timberlake(from Memphis, Tennessee age: 17), Lance "Lansten" Bass(from Mississippi age:18), Chris Kirkpatrick(from Pennsylvania age: 26), and Joey Fantone (from New York age: 21). Somehow they all ended up in the same city Orlando, Florida. The boys say it's fate. JC was heading to Orlando to join the cast of the Mickey Mouse Club(MMC). A friend of JC's introduced JC to Joey, and they became instant friends. Then two years later MMC had 7 new members join the cast. One of those members was Justin. JC and Justin ended up in a lot of musical acts together, and they thought that they sounded really good together. While Joey was going to school he landed a job at Universal Studios, were he met Chris. After 2 years MMC stopped making shows. Then Justin and JC worked with the same vocal coach and writers in Nashville, Tennessee. Then soon after Justin was called back to Orlando to audition for a group back, but that group didn't work out. Justin met Chris through that group, and became friends. While in Orlando Justin, Chris and JC went out for a night on the town, and guess who they ran into; JC and Chris' old friend Joey. They introduced him to Justin, and they clicked instantly. At a dance club, they all were so good on the floor everyone wanted to know what group they belonged to. Soon after they got together and they started harmonizing, but the only thing missing was a good bass voice. They looked around at local high schools, and college chorus for that perfect member. Then Justin decided to give a shout to his old vocal coach. The coach only knew one person like that Lance. He was sixteen at the time, and was living in Mississippi. Soon after they got a hold of Lance, and asked him to come down for an audition. He flew down a couple days later. When Lance went to sing they knew he was the perfect members they were looking for. They came up with the name 'N Sync from the last letters from their first names: JustiN, ChriS JoeY LansteN and JC.

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