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I know for a fact that you're thinking...this guy's web page has changed recently! If your not thinking that, than you not very observant! I have had many comments on changing the look of my page, so I thought 'hey it's the summer, nothing to do, might as well spend a couple of hours typing some new code!' Anyway let's hope you find this place as enjoyable, as I found writing it!

When I first started to write web pages, I only had about two or three visits a week! When I started to make it more and more advanced, I got more and more people! It brings a tear to my eye, when I look at my counter. I can't believe that you are visitor , doesn't it make you feel proud!

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HGTTG Links!!!

There are so many HGttG galaxy pages that I can't put all of them on the my page. I am trying to find great pages, not just a page that has a nicelook, but a page that make people wantto read more. My page may not even be one of these awesome pages, but peoplecan find really good ones. One of the best pages that I have seen is The Zaphod Beeblbrox Home Page! Another great page that started me on reading the books was Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! If you don't find any sites here, than I'm sure you can find it at Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Links!!! If you are too cheap to buy the can get them illegally off the 'net, you can get it at The Hitchhiker books. Well, I knew it was going to happen...a cult for HGttG has made the books their bible. If you want to check out their web page go to The SPONGE! Home Page. Instead of looking on the web you can look at the Usenet Newsgroup. You can find it at HGttG Newsgroup. Since Deep Thought came up with the answer to life as we know it there should be a home page for it, check out The Deep Thought Home Page! If you like all of the works of Douglas Addams (Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency), the you should go to Dirk Gently's Guide to the Galaxy. A great site that has links for the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and many more, if you want to check it out go to The Unfortunate Life of David Kilbourne. A Hitchhiker's club is now on the net! It was found in Britain, but I'm sure you can get it anywhere, so go to The Club!!! I can't find anymore sites that deserve to be on my page. I've found hundreds that only have quotes, sound bytes, or commentary. If you have a site that you made or like alot then e-mail me! I will definitly check it out...probably put on my site! See ya' later!

Other Cool Stuff!!!

The following links are pages that I use everyday when I hook up to the'net! If you have any suggestions please e-mail me. My favorite site that I use almost every day is Al's home away from home... A place that helps me find many sites that helped me find all Hitchhiker's sites was Searching the Web! Now personally, I like Command &Conquer and its one of the best strategy game there is. A good web site to visit is The Command & Conquer Home Page! So far I have tried many Internet Providers the best and cheapest to use is Telis. As far as I know it is all over the USA. I used it for about 5 months and over 65 hours a month, I was charged 16$ in all including phone bill. You can reach Telis at Telis Home Page! The best place to find out info on a new game or want you want to cheat check out Happy Puppy Software. If you want some real news go to the Wall Street Journal home page at The Wall Street Journal Interactive Journal!!! A well organized internet magazine, that is mainly on science fiction, can be reached at Neil's Sci-Fi Magazine! If you want some great internet action, go to the TEN Network! If you need some great some great game info you need to check out The NUKE Home Page! Have you been looking for the best collection of Winsock Software, then check out The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software. Have you wanted a good page for hacking, warez and all other shit...then check out The Great Page of Yuhr! A new thing on the Internet are chat pages on the web, for a fun time check out IMS Chat Line. Another page for some great game chats, check out NucleusPage Chat! If you want to become a hacker, you should really check out this site Silicon Toad's Hacking Resources! Well for now I am done with my links, if ya' want some more sites send me an e-mail.


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