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Welcome To Major's Wrestling News!

(Wednesday, 09/16/98)

Well, here we are. The day has come for me to say "I'll see you later" or "Good-bye" to all you wonderful Wrestling Fans out there that visited this site so faithfully. What can I say? This has really been one hell of an experience for me and I'm glad to hear around that it was the same for you. As I said in many occasions, I strived to provide all of you with the most accurate and up-to-date Wrestling News I could possibly give you. Unfortunately, time constraints due to my busy schedule will not allow me to continue this great adventure here at MAJOR'S WRESTLING NEWS. That's what it all comes down to.

The response that I received from this site has been absolutely overwhelming. I never thought that we would receive such a big success from a crappy place like Geocities and in such a short period of time! We had Radio Stations proposing us to do shows with them, dozens and dozens of webmasters proposing me to be a part in their newsboards or websites and thousands of you visiting each week... The secret of this success? Simple. NEVER LIE TO ANYONE AND BE YOURSELF.

My mission was to prove that you can tell a story by simply telling the truth, and I tried my best to do so. I saw many wrestling sites falling because they wanted to show off by posting "exclusive news" that they simply made up. And many of those sites are still up! That's why I started this site in the first place. I, like many of you, was sick and tired of reading crap off the Internet. I didn't want to save wrestling, the Internet or anything... I just wanted to create a place where true wrestling fans like myself could read what was REALLY going on. And I'm proud to be here saluting you with my head high during a GOLDEN ERA for Professional Wrestling.

Where can I send you for the best Wrestling News? My favorite and most reliable news sites are in my LINKS section. That's the best I can come up with for now.

The person who is responsible for the creation of this site is currently in Germany: Dark Angel, webmaster and my dear friend at THE DARKSIDE OF INTERNET. This is all your fault, man! Joking aside, I think he almost had a heart attack when he got back to me and read about my intentions! Thanks for the jump-start, and good luck with your military experience, my friend! It was an honor for me to be associated with you and your site.

Another friend I really have to thank is James Kim, a.k.a. Museluv, owner of the MUSE AWAKENING NEWSLETTER (M.A.N.), former Webmaster of the now defunct WICN Newsboard, and reporter all over the net, currently in military duties as well. James, we became buddies the first time we talked, and I got three words for you... For Life, Bro!

Of course I will never forget everyone that helped making this site what it became, and I urge you to keep in touch as well.

TAGGS, my friend, you spent a huge amount of your time to create blockbuster graphics for this site. You sure made a difference!

Bill Rosendale (Konkhra), The Only One and Johnny Kashmer are the ones to thank for all the work they put in for their columns. The best of luck to all of you. If I'll ever decide to come back, you guys are coming back with me!

To all the ARMY members and MAILBOX veterans...THANK YOU for everything! Tim Murphy, Hammer, Hersh, Ben Maher, AutoMatik, Sumit Ghai, Ankit Garg, ManOfMystery, Kyle Pheasant, Jon Marvin, CUTiger, Michael Fornal, Matthew Green, Goose, HBK Wannabe, blah316, Malcolm, Jopland, Matt Lund, Moose Cock, OuchThatHurts, HBK3:16, AustinWolfPacKliqDX, Venis, Kidman, Nugget, The Franchise, Gangrel and J-Brone are the first ones that come to my mind. I hope I didn't leave anyone out. Forgive me if I did. ALL you guys made it MEMORABLE!

Most importantly, I want to thank EVERYONE who came to this site so religiously, those who paid us a visit occasionally, and the many of you who helped me out with the news by sending in House Show reports and other great exclusive news. This was truly the "People's Website" and I was very honored to bring it to you.

I hope you enjoyed this site while it lasted. As far as my future in Internet Wrestling Reporting goes, Donnie Abreu invited me to his new THE LAW Newsboard. Donnie surrounded himself with the TOP, and I mean the TOP reporters on the Internet today, and I am humbled to be included on the list. I'll be taking a very long break, but you may see me pop up occasionally over there after my hiatus on the Internet. Museluv was thinking about reforming WICN under a different name, and that could be another possibility. Plus, there may be the option of a return of MAJOR'S WRESTLING NEWS at a later date. Besides all these options... at large request, this website will not be completely shut down, and THE MAILBOX will remain open for anyone who wishes to post opinions on what's going on in the Wrestling world. I'll pop up there whenever I have a chance, just to see how you guys are doing.

Now, just to remember how big of a has-been I was every time I turn on my computer (*joking*), and (most importantly) to remember all the pleasant memories, and the wonderful readers and collaborators of MAJOR'S WRESTLING NEWS, let me post a few (I received over 600!) of the "farewell" messages I received from you in my email or MAILBOX. Thanks to ALL of you. It's hard these days (especially on the Internet) to find wonderful Wrestling Fans like you. Please... NEVER CHANGE from the way you are now!!! Thank you for being with me all this time. From the bottom of my heart...



"Well, well, well....I guess it's time to say goodbye. I remember my little news page. I remember how I searched and searched for a real reporter to takeover and manage it for me. But in my wildest dreams I couldn't even imagine that this little page would grow up as to so much as competing with empires such as SCOOPS! Alas, the search now continues for a new reporter, that will try to reach the level of accuracy and dedication that The Major holds. It's sad thinking of my site without The Major being such a big part of it anymore. I wish The Major all the best in his future adventures and I will always leave the site's door open should he decides to make a comeback. And in our minds, your page will NEVER rest in peace... We'll never forget you Major."
Dark Angel
(Webmaster of The Darkside Of Internet)

"I went to your website and I couldn't believe my own eyes. So...you finally closed it down. Your website was one of the few sites that I visited on daily basis and I almost cried when I read the message you wrote on the main page. As a fan of your site, I must admit that I am disappointed, but as a friend of yours, I am glad that you have made the choice that is best for you. I know what a busy guy you are and I know how hard you have worked to benefit the internet wrestling fans with accurate news and information every day. I wish you good luck with your other endeavor and hope we stay in touch. Take care my friend."
"Museluv" James Kim
(Editor of M.A.N., The Muse Awakening Newsletter)

"I must say ... there are VERY few wrestling sites that I have ever trusted or considered to be reliable. In truth, probably only a handful. Now, there are less. The announcement that MAJOR'S WRESTLING NEWS will be shutting down really disappointed me. I understand that Major has a lot on his plate and doesn't LIVE on the net! I myself have often had problems making time for my own site and everything else I do. I am happy to say that while the site will be down, The Major will not fade off into the distance. He has become the NEWEST member of THE LAW family and will be posting his news on THE LAW Newsboard... Hopefully one day Major's Wrestling News will reopen .. until then ... relax Guns. Take some time off, kick your feet up and don't even look ata computer for a week! You'll feel much better and totally recharged."
Don Abreu
(Editorial Assistant TSN Multimedia and Host of The Law)

"How the hell are you...doesn't sound like you are doing very well if you're about to drop the single most important thing you enjoy doing...and the single most thing that we enjoy reading. I have to say that when I saw this message I almost cried. You and I have had enough conversations for me to know you love what you do, and to know that you could (if not already) have easily kicked SCOOPS' ass. Everyone here that I have turned to you instead of SCOOPS will be crushed, as I am already.(...) But if you decide to call it quits I'll understand and support you in your decision."
(MWN Graphics Provider)

"Am I The Only One...Who wants to thank the Major publicly for the opportunity to write for this site? It was always fun and always a pleasure. T.O.O. has had MANY personal and professional problems the last 2 months as has not been able to do a column but maybe someday the Major will return and drag T.O.O. along with him! Thanks Major and good luck. May all your future leg-locks be to Sable and Sunny!
PS - I know that deep down you were all jealous that WCW Rules!
The Only One
(MWN Columnist)

"When The Major mailed me telling me of the "closing" down of this site my stomach dropped. But deep down I saw it coming. I just hope he'll make his return someday and drops me a line to write for him again. I'll post a final article this weekend. Thanx for the chance Major!"
Konk.....errrrrrrrrr forget it! Bill Rosendale
(MWN Columnist)

"...Thank you to the Major. I think the fact that you brought this many wrestling fans together from around the globe is truly awesome. My hat is off to you. Wrestling on the internet just won't be the same after this."
CUTiger, Jason A. Roberts

"It's cool with me that you're leaving..........but I still don't like it. I wouldn't care if you only updated once every two weeks, it would still be better than going to yet another site, like the ones that I went to before I finally found this one, that lie to ya and let you down. I would be happy to come to get 1 good report here as to 14 Idiot reports somewhere else. I gotta tell ya, I am SPOILED, as are many more, who didn't know it until now. I watch wrestling in a different way because of the fact that I have visited this site. And I have you to thank for that. Thanks Major
And one last thing, don't say Goodbye, say See Ya Later, because we all will still be in the Mailbox."
Moose Cock

"This sucks.......all good sites get shut down or something like that. That's the internet for ya......"

"Quitting huh? You know, most people in this world are so lacking something to hold onto and then there are people like you that show that it is possible to bring smiles to others and show that it is still possible to speak the truth. You know, before I began reading your site, wrestling and the sporting world was just another hobby that I just carried along. Then I began reading your site and a whole new revelation opened to me. You taught me about all sorts of stuff that others never could have dreamed about writing. By quitting you just go onto say that the troubles of the world are dragging you down. Look, I may be sounding rude here, but you have to remember something. You talk of the troubles that come from typing your page? If it is such a burden, then why did you not quit long ago? And if you are thinking that this is not some huge thing, check the visitor bar at the bottom of your page very so often.(...) But...well, I guess you have your own path to follow. But in case you decide to change your mind and get back on your horse, the door will always be open for those of us that you have made happy."
Tim Murphy

"Well Major this is a surprise, but not one that I think you have taken lightly. I have watched your site grow and improve dramatically. Working with you has been an honor. Like you I have a life. As a 36 year old small business owner I feel the constraints of time. I like going to the web sites but I have no time to give on a constant basis. All the best to you. Know that You did a good job and I salute you. All the best."

"There are many Majoraholics out there that would hate to have you go away. Please don't shut down. If you have a large lack of time, just make your site a site that updates once or twice a week and let your followers know that. You are my one and only source for wrestling news because you only give the good news and not a bunch of junk about Sable's broken thumb nail. I also really enjoy your Mailbox, its the only good place to write my opinions on wrestling. (...) Good luck with your life, Major, and I can't wait to see you around somewhere again. It would be great to have you teamed up with Museluv."
Michael Fornal

"I would just like to say that it has been great sending in reports to your web page and I hope nothing but the best for you in your life!! You, without a doubt, had the best page on the net. If you ever decide to open another page, please notify me by e-mail, because I would sure like to know. I completely understand why you would want to stop, it must be pretty tough to do this everyday. By the way, you must realize alot of people will be disappointed when you tell them the bad news, but what can you do. :(
Check the mailbox.......you got love from everybody!!!
Keep in touch my friend
Good Luck!"

"By reading your announcement, I realize that this is the most negative impact on Internet wrestling reporting in history. I must say that I've been to virtually every newsboard and website on the net during the past few years, and I also run a popular wrestling website, but I always idolized yours. Since you arrived on the scene, internet reporting trends changed from making up rumors to the real deal. You were the true INNOVATOR. If I had to create a website by putting together the best internet reporters ever, I would have picked you for WWF News, Dave Scherer for ECW News and I don't know who for WCW news (maybe Madden). I would also hire Al Isaacs to dust your computers when you're done typing. The matter of the fact is that you are truly the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. I wish you the very best, and THANK YOU for giving us THE BEST."
Dan DeStefano


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