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I usually don't even think about starting a homepage for a movie star until I know everything about them, from head to toe. But when I couldn't find even one page dedicated to Samantha Mathis, I knew that had to change. So I've started The Samantha Mathis Homepage, all about the greatest actress that Hollywood has ever seen.

Recent News

August 12, 1998

After the evening news today, I caught something on TV that listed up-coming movies that are currently filming in Toronto. Mentionned was a movie titled Freak City, which is apparently a medical-style movie staring Samantha. I'll give you movie news if I come across any.

Samantha is set to star in a new sitcom titled "Some Guys" for FOX TV. I don't know when the pilot will air or anything yet, but I will post more info when I know it!

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