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Hi world! Welcome to The Ultimate J&J Webring, the only webring on the net for sites supporting the J&J relationship/romance. This webring has been around for about a year or so and I haven't updated it in ages but I'm in the process of updating again and working out the new kinks that have come with the cyber-cobwebs. If any images are broken just click on them because sometimes they show up broken when they're not. Anyway, there is a ton of stuff to do here, so just scroll on down!

The J&J FAQ (or at least the ones people ask me the most ;))

Q: Who is J&J?

A: Well, you're not the first person to ask that question, actually, I get people asking me that all of the time (especially at school cause I have "J&J forever!" written on all of my books:D).It's very simple though. J&J is shorthand for Julian and Jadzia. People also use the shothands "JB/JD" or "B/D" to refer to them on web pages, e-mail, chats, and newsgroups. And now you want to know who Julian and Jadzia are, right? They're both characters on the T.V. show, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (If you don't know what Star Trek is, then your lost, very lost) Julian Bashir is the station's doctor, and Jadzia Dax is the chief science officer, and is also a Trill, hence the phrase "The Doctor and the Trill" which is also used to refer to them.

Q: Ok, I get that, but what's the big deal about them?
A: Well, there's a lot of people out there (I know of about 100-200, but there are most likely 1,000's of J&Jers out there) that think they would make a pretty good couple. Despite the fact that they would make a good couple, the writers have been complete fools and dropped the perfect romance between them, choosing to pair up Jadzia and Worf instead. Those of us who have been watching the 5th and 6th seasons know that they are now married :(.

Q: OK, so why start the webring?

A: Another good question. I started the webring so all of the sites that supported J&J would be linked together and it would be easier to find those J&J pages not on Yahoo!. Also, I wanted to do this to encourage more J&J sites to start and to make the J&J sites more popular and hopefully to gain more J&J converts (I was a J/Wer until I found out that there were other J&Jers, then I converted back into a J&Jer)

Q: Ok, it makes sense now! :)

A: Good! Now go start a J&J page or add your page to the ring!

Q: Wait a second! Don't you know that they're gonna kill off Jadzia?

A: Yes we do! And we don't care either! She'll always be alive in our hearts, and in our fanfiction :). And I have a whole lot to say about her dying, but you'll just have to wait till my article gets posted on Star Trek Centeral's website (if they take it)

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