NEW: Well, Yahoo paid attention to everyone that complained about the new TOS and they changed it accordingly. They no longer word the TOS so that it appears to give them all rights to an individuals work. I applaude them for the change, and will once again use their services.

I know it's been forever since I've changed this, work, and other things managed to keep me away. I finally had time to update the page just a little. I currently am working on gathering together pictures and info from a show that captured my heart and mind like Profit did. The Sopranos, which airs on HBO, has finally been able to grab me almost as hard as Profit did. As soon as I can gather enough info together I will post it here. Until then, check out the official HBO Sopranos site

I recently checked around the web and found the Fish Wishes site to still be one of the best Profit sites out there! Check it out if you can it'sFish Wishes: Profit It not only includes Profit info, pictures and sounds; It also has a nice links page. I highly recommend it!

While I will change this site to a Sopranos site(Luckly it has had better fortunes than Profit..the 1st season has already aired with repeats starting Wen. June 9, and the 2nd season due in January 2000) Profit will always hold a place in my contact me with any info you might uncover about Profit, or any of it's stars (especially Adrian Pasdar..I've seen some of his other work in a few films and would love to see him in new roles.

I will always be interested in hearing any info about Profit that anyone might have so don't hesitate to Email me!

Thanks to Everybody who supported Profit!

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WOW...I checked the counter over 3 million hits!! I never thought any thing like that would happen to a page of mine! THANKS!

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If anyone has any information on Profit, or if you know of any other Profit pages please E-mail me!!

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