From the November Detour:

A sneak peek into some of our favorite celebrities' private corners.

Actress (The Force, Melrose Place, Profiler), her Airstream trailer, Malibu

"I missed life in the 1960s, so it has always been a dream of mine to live in a trailer and experience life on the road. A few years ago, I bought a 27-foot, 1978 Airstream from the Recycler in Atlanta. My boyfriend at the time and I shipped our belongings to Los Angeles, jammed everything else we could fit into overhead compartments on the Airstream, and drove. It was amazing because we had no schedules to keep and we could have a different front yard every morning - from the Grand Canyon to Bryce Canyon to the Redwood Forest. Now that I'm in Los Angeles, I found a beautiful spot in Malibu to park it. Whenever my schedule permits, I stay in my Airstream for the weekend. It's instant camping - a little piece of heaven."

And the best thing about camping in Malibu is that they have valet parking.

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