From the May 21st Entertainment Weekly:

The latest news from the TV beat by Joe Flint
DEARLY BELOVED, we are gathered here to pay our respects to Melrose Place, the most mindlessly entertaining apartment complex in TV history (sorry, 227). Oh, how we'll miss the psycho bombers, the love triangles, the provocative hemlines. But at least we have our memories. How did MP's 226 episodes (the last airs May 24) intrigue us? Let us count the ways.* -Bill Jacky

Number of...
Total residents 23
African-American residents 1
Residents who were arrested 15
Wedding ceremonies 20
Wedding ceremonies in which the couple actually got married 14
Couples still married 1
Hours the shortest marriage lasted (bride hit by speeding car) 1
Women Jake Hanson (Grant Show) slept with 11
Men Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear) slept with 7
Men Matt Fielding (Doug Savant) slept with 5
Women the pool guy slept with 1
Pregnancies 8
Actual babies born 2
Episodes until roomies Billy Campbell (Andrew Shue) and Alison Parker (Courtney Thorne-Smith) kissed 29
Episodes after that until they had sex 1
Jobs Sydney Andrews (Laura Leighton) held (includlng prostitute, X-rated-film producer, and efficiency coordinator) 15
Episodes before Dr. Kimberly Shaw (Marcia Cross) was a practicing psychiatric resident after being released from a mental hospital 4
Dead characters who seemed to haunt a resident 4
Residents who drowned in the courtyard pool 1
Residents confined to a wheelchair 3
Residents who walked again 3
Residents who were doctors 4
Doctors who slipped a drug into another resident's drink 3
Residents who attempted to kill another resident 6
Residents who were successful 0
Residents who forgave their would-be killer 5
Residents who married their would-be killer 2
* As of 5/3/99

My count says Amanda slept with 10 guys. Jack, Billy, Jake, Michael, Peter, Bobby, Craig, Kyle, Rory and Kent. Anyone else without a life care to confirm the other numbers?

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