From the June 1st Soap Opera Digest:

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Youth Movement
     More often than not, soap kids set plots in motion so adults have plenty to do. They're kidnapped, take ill, become the focus of a custody fight, etc. Not that there's anything wrong with that (to borrow a SEINFELD phrase), but it's noteworthy when youngsters flesh out several stories and make them intergenerational.
     On GUIDING LIGHT, Marah gave us a glimpse of what Josh and Reva's let's-make-a-baby plan meant to their other kids. The girl reminded Mom that she went loco after Shayne's birth. Marah is scared, and we don't blame her. More than just a clever way to recall a chunk of history, GL showed that kids can see the long view when adults don't.
     There's also GL's Susan, who's caused trouble since re-entering the life of birth mother Harley. Besides creating some bumps in the road for Philip and Harley as she fights for Mom's undivided attention, this rebel has another cause: hooking up her adoptive dad, Jim, with Beth. Susan presents a portrait of a confused, vulnerble, often annoying adolescent meddler.
     AS THE WORLD TURNS's Adam is a shining illustration of how parents' actions affect their offspring. Since Tom and Margo's marriage was rocked by infidelity, Adam's been acting out and making demands. To wit, he wants to be known as Adam Munson, not Hughes. Ouch. He is, after all, Hal's biological son.
     And on MELROSE PLACE, the guileless voice of reason belonged to Ryan's daughter, Sarah, who was more sensible than all the adults combined. Not only did she not give in to Lexi's transparent bribes, she gave Dad a wake-up call with this question: If you love Megan and are happiest with her, why don't you just be with her? Out of the mouths of babes. MP could've used Sarah ages ago.

Screen kids are never like real kids. Screen kids are always wise beyond their years. They're more like miniature adults than children.

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