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Hi , thanxs for visiting my page .Firstly , I would like to introduce myself . I am Andrei Lim , 16 year old boy , come from Penang , Malaysia . This page is dedicated to myself and also some of my favorites links .

Some interesting links
  • Man Utd Official Homepage

This page is dedicated to the Red Devil's fans all over the world. In this page you can get the match fixtures , latest results , hot news , players informations and lot more to go !


Create your own homepage . Just fill the application form and get free hard disk spaces. The procedures are simple ! Why don't get it now !!..??

  • Chung Ling High School Homepage

It's dedicated to one of the most famous high school is Penang Malaysia. At there many informations are shown about the school.

  • Sausage Software

A remarkable software company. At there you can download several high qualities homepage editors .

  • Espn Sports Center Homepage

This page is dedicated to those sportsmen . They can get the latest results in mostly all the sports that exist.

You are also welcome to visit my Faye Fei's Page

Just mail me if you have any suggestions or comments , thanx !

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