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After having finished my internship ("stage") with the European Commission, DG Information Society and the Media I am currently working for empirica, a private research institute and consultancy.

I would describe myself as a multidisciplinary person and I like to apply my combination of journalistic, communicative and internet-related skills (see CV section for details). I would also like to remain involved in EU-related issues or projects.

This web page is designed to give you an overview of both my academic studies and my previous work experience.


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For details please refer to my cv below.

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Curriculum Vitae


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Thanks to: Julia Nietsch (for giving me the idea in the first place), Herbert Siedler & Harald Stoiber (for valuable comments) and Andrea Buchner (for providing the scanner).

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Mag. Daniel Spichtinger, M.A.

Schloesselgasse 3/12, A-1080 Vienna, Austria (E.U.)


E-mail: dspichtinger-at-yahoo.de
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More information about me is available on my informal homepage: