About the Mulan FAQ Maintainer

ANGELA KUO first fell in love with Disney animation when she saw Beauty and the Beast, and she's been smitten ever since. After getting access to the Internet (a dangerous thing), she started reading the rec.arts.disney.* (r.a.d.*) newsgroups. To keep herself preoccupied while waiting for the release of Mulan, Angela collected information about the original legend as well as the Disney film version, while bombarding r.a.d.* with song parodies and skits.

The Mulan FAQ began in 1996 as six questions posted to r.a.d.*. With the help of many people and resources, it has grown to over 25 questions plus a number of offshoot pages. She is not employed by Disney, though considering all the work she's put into the Mulan FAQ it sometimes seems like she is.

If Angela were an animated character, she might look like this.
This is Ami (Amy) from the anime Sailor Moon.

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