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I'd greatly appreciate more information about Mulan outside the U.S. E-mail me! For availability of these soundtracks and videos, I recommend contacting Buena Vista Distributions or the Disney Store. If anyone know of stores offering these CDs, please let me know so I can post this information online. When possible I have included images of albums covers (mostly to save my fingers from retyping titles and credits).

Mandarin version

Mulan - Li Wen (aka CoCo Lee)
Shang - Jackie Chan

CoCo Lee performs "Reflection" on the East Asian version of the soundtrack.

The Mandarin-language video is available at The soundtrack will hopefully be also available soon.

Thanks to Jennifer, Randall, and Ray for info.

Cantonese version

Mulan - Kelly Chen (Here's a Chen site in Chinese.)
Shang - Jackie Chan

Korean version

Includes a bonus track of a song titled "Eternal Memory," which was recorded by one Korean female singer Jung-Hyun (Lena) Park.

Thanks to Jay for info!

Japanese version

Spanish (Latin America) version

Mulan - Anali
Shang - Cristian Castro
Mushu - Eugenio Dervez

Songs include:

Lucero sings the pop version of "Reflection" and Cristian Castro sings "True to Your Heart." Spanish lyrics here.

Spanish (Castille) version

Fa Mulan - Eva Díez / María Caneda
Captain Li Shang - Raúl Llorens / Pablo Perea
Mushu - Jos?Sánchez Mota
Fa Zhou - Joaquín Díaz
Fa Li - María del Puy / Celia Vergara
Grandmother Fa - Marta Martorrell
First Ancestor - Constantino Romero
Yao - Carlos Kaniowsky / Juan Manuel Escamilla
Ling - Alfredo Cernuda / Miguel Morant
Chien-Po - Eduardo Bosch / Adel Hakki
The Emperor - Rafael de Penagos
Chi Fu - Gonzalo Durán
Shan-Yu - Alfonso Vallés
Bath Lady - Paula Bas
Matchmaker - Matilde Conesa
Khan, Cri-Kee, and Little Brother - Frank Welker

Spanish lyrics by María Ovelar, except tracks 1 and 15, by Javier Andreu.


  1. Reflejo (Versión Dance) (Reflection [Dance Version]). Performed by Mal?
  2. True to Your Heart (Single). Performed by 98?& Stevie Wonder
  3. Reflection. Performed by Vanessa-Mae
  4. Honra Nos Darás (Honor to Us All)
  5. Reflejo (Reflection)
  6. Voy a Hacer Todo un Hombre de Ti (I'll Make a Man Out of You)
  7. Mi Dulce y Linda Flor (A Girl Worth Fighting For)
  8. Corte de Pelo (Haircut - Score)
  9. Suite de Mulan (Suite from Mulan)
  10. Ataque a la Muralla (Attack at the Wall - Score)
  11. La Decisión de Mulan (Mulan's Decision - Score)
  12. Flores (Blossoms - Score)
  13. Los Hunos Atacan (The Huns Attack - Score)
  14. El Pueblo en Llamas (The Burned-Out Village - Score)
  15. Reflejo (Versión Pop) (Reflection [Pop Version]). Performed by Mal?
The Spanish soundtrack, like other European releases, includes two tracks not on the U.S. soundtrack: "Reflection" performed by Vanessa-Mae (used in the end titles) and "Corte de Pelo," the haircut scene score. Also contains "True to Your Heart" by 98?& Stevie Wonder, and two versions (pop and dance) of "Reflejo" by the 18-year-old singer Mal?

Lyrics coming soon! Thanks to Javier L. González González for the image and information!

British version

Cast: same as U.S. cast


  1. True to Your Heart (Single)
  2. Reflection [Vanessa Mae version]
  3. Honor to Us All
  4. Reflection [Lea Salonga version]
  5. I'll Make a Man Out of You
  6. A Girl Worth Fighting For
  7. Haircut
  8. Suite from "Mulan"
  9. Attack at the Wall (Score)
  10. Mulan's Decision (Score)
  11. Blossoms (Score)
  12. The Huns Attack (Score)
  13. The Burned-Out Village (Score)
  14. Reflection (Pop Version) [Christina Aguilera version]

Total running time is 56' 25". On the British soundtrack, violinist Vanessa Mae plays "Reflection" (played in the end credits of the UK version of the film). The British soundtrack also has an extra track entitled "Haircut," which is the music used in the film when Mulan cuts her hair.

Information posted to r.a.d.a. by Andre Willey.

French version

Click here for the front cover of the French CD.

Click here for French lyrics.

Thanks to Pierre-Yves Morel for the images.

German version

Mulan - Cosma Shiva Hagen
Hauptmann Li Shang - Hannes Jaenicke
Mushu - Otto Walkes
Fa Zhou - Horst Buchholz
Großmutter Fa - Tilly Lauenstein
Yao - Thomas Piper
Ling - Wilfried Herbst
Chien-Po - Markus Majowski
Heiratsvermittlerin (Matchmaker) - Evelyn Meyka
Erster Ahn - Wolfgang Dehler
Chi Fu - Ernst-Wilhelm Lenik
Kaiser - Friedrich Schoenfelder

Singing voices:
Mulan (singing) - Caroline Vasicek
Hauptmann Li Shang - Stefan Erz
Ling - Uwe Adams
Chien-Po - Sebastian Krumbiegel
Großmutter Fa - Alice Franz

German lyrics by Helmut Frey and Leslie Man Doki


  1. Angriff auf die chinesische Mauer (score)
  2. Ehre für das Haus
  3. Mulans Entscheidung (score)
  4. Wer bin ich?
  5. Lotusblüten (score)
  6. Mulans Verwandlung (score)
  7. Sei ein Mann
  8. Die Frau, für die ein Kampf sich lohnt
  9. Der Angriff der Hunnen (score)
  10. Mulans Suite (score)
  11. True to Your Heart - Stevie Wonder& 98?
  12. Reflection - Vanessa Mae (violin)
  13. I Lost My Heart in China - Man Doki

The German soundtrack includes three tracks not on the U.S. soundtrack--Vanessa Mae's "Reflection," the transformation scene score, and "I Lost My Heart in China," an original track inspired by Mulan.

Information from The German Disney Fan-Page by Dirk Killing.

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