The New Mulan Trailer

(This is a brief description of the Mulan trailer now in theaters.)

On top of a mountain ridge, the shadowy figure of Shan-Yu sits on his horse, a falcon perched on his shoulder. "Walt Disney Pictures Presents" appears in gold letters. Shan-Yu's troops are lined up just behind the ridge.

Shan-Yu is in the snow. He roars in fury.

The troops spill over the mountainside. The falcon soars overhead as Shan-Yu and his men charge.

MAN'S VOICE [offscreen]: Weíre under attack!

The white-bearded Emperor addresses an offscreen soldier.

EMPEROR: Send your troops to protect my people!

A general on his horse prepares to ride off. Shang can be seen in the background. Soldiers ride into the village. At the Fa house, Mulan peeks over a wall to see an official named Chi Fu and several soldiers on horseback.

CHI FU: By order of the Emperor, one man from every family must serve in the Imperial Army.

Mulanís father, Fa Zhou, hands his cane to her mother, Fa Li. Fa Zhou limps over to a soldier and accepts a draft notice (a scroll). As soon as he takes it, Mulan calls out and he turns in surprise.

MULAN: Father, you canít go!

Mulan runs forward and looks pleadingly toward Chi Fu.

FA ZHOU: Mulan!
MULAN [to Chi Fu]: Please, sir, my father has already fought for his--
CHI FU [sharply]: Silence!

Later, at home, Mulan confronts her father.

FA ZHOU: It is an honor to protect my country and my family.
MULAN: So, you'll die for honor!
FA ZHOU: I will die doing what's right!

Mulan stares at him. Then she turns and runs from the room. That night, she sits huddled at the base of a large dragon statue. It is raining. Fa Zhou blows out a candle. Mulan goes to her parentsí bedroom. On her fatherís bedside table is the draft notice. She picks up the scroll and puts her hair comb in its place. She goes to the family shrine. Then Mulan opens a closet, revealing an army uniform. She unsheaths her fatherís sword, her reflection in the blade. Mulan takes the sword and cuts off her long hair. Mulan, now dressed as a boy, sheaths her weapon.

The horse, Khan, reacts as the stable door is thrown open. Mulan stands at the doorway. The horse rears in surprise at the sight of a stranger. Mulan hurries over and whispers something to Khan. She rides Khan out of the stable.

FA ZHOU [voice over]: MULAN!

Mulan's parents huddle together in the rain.

FA LI: She'll be killed!
FA ZHOU: If I reveal her, she will be.

A man strikes a gong. Men mill about at training camp. Mulan, dressed as a boy, peeks from behind a large man.

SHANG [voice over]: Soldiers! You will assemble swiftly and silently every morning. Anyone who acts otherwise will answer to me.

Shang uses a pole and flings two heavy jars into the air. Mulan and the "Gang of Three" stare in awe as Shang smashes the jars to bits before they hit the ground.

Shan-Yu's falcon soars overhead. Mulan looks up and sees a hail of arrows coming down. Shang stands with a group of soldiers.

SHANG: Fire!

The soldiers launch rockets. The Huns shoot back flaming arrows. Shang sits on his horse. A line of soldiers draw their swords, Mulan being the last.

SHANG: The Huns are moving quickly. We're the only hope for the Emperor now.
MULAN [voice over]: Are we in this together or not?

A soldier stands on a barren, windswept mountain. The word "COURAGE" appears in gold letters.

SHANG [voice over]: If we die, we die with honor.
MULAN [voice over]: I've got an idea.
SHANG: Come back!

Mulan grabs a cannon and runs out, alone, to face the charging army of Huns. She plants the cannon in the snow.

EMPEROR [voice over]: A single grain of rice can tip the scale. One man may be the difference between victory and defeat.

Mulan jumps onto Khan and rides off. Then we see her sitting desolate in the snow, her sword nearby. "FAMILY" appears in gold letters.

Fa Zhou looks at Mulan.

FA ZHOU: The greatest gift and honor is having you for a daughter.
MULAN [hugging him]: I've missed you, Ba-Ba.

("Ba-Ba" is Chinese for "Father.")

Shang is running for his life from an avalanche when Mulan, riding Khan, comes up to him and gives him her hand. "HONOR" appears in gold letters.

EMPEROR [voice over]: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

Shang, Yao, Ling, and Chien Po bow their heads and step aside, revealing a small girl. Mulan gazes up. The crowd cheers and bows before her. She turns at the sound of their cheers. The red dragon emblem and "MULAN" in gold letters come together on a black background.

EMPEROR [voice over]: Mulan.

"Coming from Walt Disney Pictures June 1998" in gold letters. Blackout.

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