Doing Research on Mulan?

I've gotten a number of e-mail from students doing projects about Mulan (including college papers!), especially after the movie came out. I hope the Mulan FAQ itself provides a good start and I highly recommend carefully reading the questions listed on the main page and following the appropriate links.

If you do use the Mulan FAQ as a resource, please cite it as a reference:

Kuo, Angela. The Mulan FAQ.

However, I had to get my information from somewhere, and some people want to know my original sources. I tried to give credit where it was due throughout the FAQ and I listed everyone I could in my acknowledgements. Please note: the books, newspapers, and magazines mentioned are NOT cited in proper bibliographic format. As far as sources I recommend:

Many U.S. newspapers and magazines had reviews and Mulan-related articles when the film came out in June 1998.

And sorry, I won't write your paper for you. Good luck with your projects, and if anyone comes across a good source I haven't found, please let me know.


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