Mulan: The Sequels

Is there a sequel?

Yes. There is a Mulan II which was released directly to video and DVD on February 1, 2005. There is also possibly a Mulan III in the works.

Summary and spoilers ahead:

  • There is a section of the film which depicts Mulan training young children in the martial arts.
  • Mulan and Shang are planning to get married, but are sent on a secret mission before the wedding.
  • Ming-Na Wen (who goes by just Ming-Na now) returns as the speaking voice for Mulan. In fact, most of the original cast returns, including B.D. Wong, Lea Salonga, Freda Foh Shen, Soon-Tek Oh, June Foray, George Takei, Harvey Fierstein, Jerry Tondo, Gedde Watanabe, and Pat Morita.
  • Mark Moseley is Mushu. He has voiced Eddie Murphy's roles for Mulan and Shrek related videogames.
  • The three princesses are voiced by Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh, and Lauren Tom. Judy Kuhn is the singing for one of them.
  • Figure skater Michelle Kwan voices a shopkeeper. (Read the "Good as Gold" 9/17/02 or "Her star still shines" 9/19/02 articles.)
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