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Yeah! Right!

Do not take things on these pages too seriously!

If you do you're stupid anyway! :)


To some really funny web pages.


There is more to these pages than first meet the eye. I have over 30 pages of stuff! Everything from facts of Red Dwarf, Bon Jovi, Strange and twisted humor.

You are looking at the GeoCities version of my web page in the USA.

I have been told it is funny, which is good, it is what I hoped for. I was also told I was egotistic, but I'm not. Really I'm not. But people are always commenting on my GREAT page. (This is a joke, ha ha :)

Welcome to my home page.

If you don't know who I am (you're in luck :); I'm Kerrin Hardy (male, the name is not obviously male, but I am male, you'll have to take my word for it), an ex-Computer Science student from UKC (Uni. of Kent at Canterbury, if you must know :)

If you want to know more I have a whole page dedicated to ME. It is quite funny.

Well, I think so. If you don't then I'll come around your house and lick you to death with a pogo-stick. (?!?!?!)


Download my original strategy game for free! Play once, and never do anything else ever again.

A new cartoon a day on my Daily Cartoons page. TWO new cartoons a day.

Always wondered what the words to that song was, well, here is what I think they are singing.

Don't believe everything you read, here I tell you why the internet is not always right

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Visiters Favorite Page

People e-mail me with lots of praise for my pages (they do, it's not a lie, for once). And people nearly always say their favorite page was Channel Hopping.

I have FOUR main interests:

Red Dwarf
Now with Red Dwarf VII Reviews (last Major update in February)

(Last Major update in April)
Although, I like music in general.

Computers (No link as this would be pointless, just do a search on your interests).

Being Zany, odd, a bit strange!

I spent the whole summer in America, to read about it go to my USA page (And like everything else it MEANT to be funny.)

Beleive it or not my links page ain't that bad (Un-like some).

If you can't be arsed to navigate your way around my links, or if you like my pages so much you don't want to miss one, go to my LIST page. (I think I know which one you're most likely to be, and it ain't the second)

E-Mail ME!!

You don't need a reason. Just E-mail me to say you've seen my page. I'm not desperate for E-mail or anything mind, I just like getting E-mail from around the world. Join my growing list of E-mail Pen friends.

To E_Mail me follow my E-mail address, which is
If you E-Mail please leave a return address and check it is correct. (Some people forget to set it or send it.)

You can E-mail me with ideas, comments or just to make a friend.

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Last major update 15th October 1999

Join and make money while doing exactly what you are doing now!


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