Merijn van der Meer's Home Page

Last updated: August 19th 1996

Hi, welcome to my FIRST home page. Here You can find some links to a few hobbies of mine.

Welcome to my world!
Won't you come on in?
Miracles I guess, still happen now and then.
One of my biggest hobbies is Elvis Presley. I collect as many 
concerttapes, video tapes
and photos as I can. By clicking on the items of the following list You can 
see what I
allready have. Maybe you're looking for something??

  1. Information and rare studio recordings list.
  2. Live concerts on tapes.
  3. Elvis on Video (VHS).
  4. Bladmuziek (music and sheets)

Other links:
Elvis Presley links:
  • The Elvis homepage
  • Elvis links list
  • Eddie Fadal's Elvispage
  • Elvis King newsgroup
  • Elvis-Presley newsgroup

    Movie and Television show links:
  • ultimate TV series list
  • Infoseek Guide: TV shows
  • search forms
  • yahoo page

    Mac links:
  • for sale page
  • Mac for sale page
  • Mac wanted page
  • NL markt

    Miscellanous links:
  • australia infopage

    CD Recorders:
  • CD recorder
  • Apple tools
  • HERE

    I also like movies, especially Science fiction, Adventures, Comedy and Action 
    A science fiction series I like very much is: Halfway 
    across the galaxy and turn left.

    The two actresses I like to watch from it

    Lauren looks like this: Lauren Hewett homepage


    If You have any questions, suggestions or commentary:
    Please feel free to mail me.
    mail Merijn van der Meer 1