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This page is dedicated to Anthony Holt, Surrey, England.


You are Life - Form number:

One way or another you've managed to click and type your way until now, here you are, staring at my Homepage. Most Homepages are portrayed to be grand affairs but this one is cunningly tucked away among the voluminous amounts of html and gif files on my Geocities site. If there was ever a dusty filing cabinet in Cyber Space then this is it, and you're more than welcome to have a peek inside - hope you bought your moth balls!

About the WebMaster and his Resumé

I'm always looking for new ideas and angles to add to this rapidly accumulating mass of information highway data... if you have the time and the will to look around my links you will find that there is alot more to this bland front page than at first meets the eye... from full colour photos of the Caribbean to the hilarity of the Humor Archive... but why am I telling you all this? Check them out for yourselves! For easy navigation see my Page Navigator.

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