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The counter that you can see on the main page cannot be fooled by clicking the RELOAD button half a million times (try it and see...). A tamper proof counter! Once you have viewed my index page on a computer the counter does not update next time you view the page using the same browser from that computer. Why did I put in a counter? Mainly for my own information - but what you DON'T see is the second counter - the second counter DOES record reloads etc but is also the counter used for the log statistics shown below:

Counter 1 (the visible counter) was installed onto the pages on 30/4/'96, Counter 2, (invisible) was installed on 30/5/'96 and is the counter used to display the page statistics. Multiple occurences of reloads are probably me checking out a new format for the main page.

Server Statistics:

Login Statistics for the past 365 days

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