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This page is a list of my known hang outs on the Net (each with varying degrees). If you want to view other links to MUD related sites then this Link will whisk you to the bottom of these pages.


This is a popular DikuMUD based in Indianapolis, America. Only expect to meet any of these people in real life if you have hot gossip on your parents.

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Midnight Shadows

Midnight Shadows is relativley new on the Net but getting a strong following! Watch out for wierd characters... especially 'Roadkill'

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New Eden MUD

Based in the UK New Eden is based on the CircleMUD V3.0 code.

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MonoChrome BBS

MONOCHROME BBS, currently in the running to become one of the top twenty BBS services in the UK is another, ever changing, ever growing Cyber town on the Net where people can talk and share views and opinions on every topic from the French Nuclear Tests in the Pacific to the specs on the latest Formula 1 motor cars. If you get into it you can find yourself becoming a regular coniseur of world opinion! My fave hang out by far!

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    Other MUD related links - for the Enthusiast. Listed below are sites where you can download source code, MUD Clients and lists, the Linux OS base and alot more. All platforms are covered from Macintosh to Unix:

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