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Last Updated: 1st June 1996
I making quite a few more pages to add to these original ones, so come back in a couple of weeks time to check out the changes.


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    James' X-Files Page

    Welcome to my X-Files Homepage. The X-Files are becoming more and more popular by the minute. The internet is the home of X-Philia with hundreds of homepage, this being one, put up by fans around the world. The X-Files is currently on the third season in the states and is broadcast 9pm on Fox every friday (Is this right). In the UK you can see the x-files third season on Sky one at 9pm on Tuesdays, you can also see series one repeats on BBC2 on Monday at 9pm at aswell. The X-Files is an amazing show and allcredit should go to the show creator Chris Carter.

    What Are The X-Files?

    The X-Files is a science-fiction series based around a series of unexplained cases from the FBI. Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) was one of the FBI's best agents working in the Violent crimes department, he then came accross the X-Files within the basement of the FBI's headquarters and from then on has devoted his life to solving unexplained cases, with no phesable explaination.

    The FBI then sent Specail Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson), a sceptic, to work with ,Mulder who had earned the name of "Spooky" after coming up with irrational explanations for the unsolved X-files. Scully's original assignment was to write reports on the cases ant to "debunk" his theories. As the show progressed into the second and now the third season of the show Scully and Mulder develop a very close relationship, more than friends but not love. Scully also becomes less of a sceptic as they discover more evidence to back up Mulder's theories, but this evidence is usually lost or stollen. As the two agents get closser to the truth, with the help of some unknown goverment agents, they have to fight to the likes of the "cigarette smoking man" and the Guverment to tell what Mulder believes the people need to know.

    You want to know more about the characters? check out the Cast dossiers at the moment i've only produced one for Mulder/DD and Scully/GA but there'll be more to come when i find the time .

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    I've also made a page devoted to the actress who plays Dana Scully, Gillian Anderson PageThis page includes a picture archive and Gillian Anderson Profile and more to come.

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