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A Jonathan Wildman website based on the 3D Realms game ,Duke Nukem 3D.
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Overview of Duke Nukem 3D
Doom Vs Duke: The Dispute Continues
Cheat Codes for Duke 3D on ALL FORMATS
Duke 3D FAQS
Duke 3D File Archive
User Maps & RTS/CON Sound files
Links to other good Duke sites
Download the Shareware version/s of Duke 3D for PC & MAC
Duke's Gallery : screenshots
The Nukem News : News on Duke 3D Sequel
DukeMatchers Forum/Message Board
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Apogee LIVE Camera shot
Duke Nukem 1 :The Original Classic
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YES!! After ALMOST a YEAR I have decided to update this page. I have included information/cheats for the Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation and Sega Saturn versions of Duke Nukem 3D as well as enhanced the Dukematcher's Forum to an overall message board AND included some info and a sneak peek screenshot of the upcoming Duke Nukem 3D sequel, Duke Nukem Forever.
..Oh yeah, and to those of you interested, the PENTHOUSE Duke Nukem level add-on is now obtainable from this site in the files section.

I have decided to end work on this website to concentrate on other projects. However I will keep all of the pages and files online and use of the Dukematcher's Forum will perminantly remain available.
As a final gesture and gift to all of you guys who have supported this page I HAVE INCLUDED THE FULL VERSION OF BUILD ONLINE!, It can be found in the Files Section
Please, DO NOT E-MAIL about any Duke Related questions anymore as I will not respond to them. THIS PAGE HAD ENDED, and will remain in this state, immortal-forever!

There is a LOT of hot things to see and do on this website, why not visit the DukeMatchers forum/message board where Duke modem players post their messages and challanges and converse in other DUKE RELATED matters...The Duke Matchers forum/message board is absolutely FREE!! Also I have a collection of User map levels made by YOU the Duke fans, you can download the BUILD FAQ & BUILD software itself!!! and also two of my very own user levels Oasis Of Chaos and Neighbourhood Rumble!


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