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Welcome to Banshee's Lair: The E-Hotel

" It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. "

" The ignorant are always skeptical when given knowledge. "
-Emma Frost (Generation X the movie)

" Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for. "
-Charles Xavier

Please, look around and feel free to make yourself at home.

Follow this link to my best, on-line, friend's page.
His name is "NateGrey", but he likes to be called Dave.

Use The Elevator To Visit Other Floors Of The Hotel.

Take A Ride On The Elevator.
Ground Floor:
Here is where the Lobby is located. Also on this floor:

Level 2:
Sean Cassidy - This is the home(page) of Mr. S Cassidy, otherwise known as Banshee. He is a character in the Marvel Universe, and is a co-leader of the team known as Generation X. Here you will find a Pictorial Detication, Bio, and related links of him.

Level 3:
Spider-Man - This section deticated to the world-renown friendly neighborhood wall crawler. There are also related links and pictures of this webslinger.

Level 4:
Chris O'Donnell - This section is to my favorite actor, he is currently staring it Batman & Robin, as Dick Grayson/Robin.

Level 5:
Holodeck - Take a break and enjoy a visit to a fun filled holographic environment.

Level 6:
Television - This is the Television floor. It has some links to some pretty cool TV Stations and Programs.

Awards This Site Has Been Given:
Winner! The Bouncey Smiley Web Site Awards!

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