Simply the Best has reviewed all its Gold Award Winners in greater detail. We trust this will enable you to get a clearer picture of the outstanding quality of the awarded program.

FreeMem Professional

FreeMem Professional has capabilities to free up RAM if all RAM is used and enables regular free ups to remind Windows memory management to do its work (a typical 32Mb machine has about 2 or 3 Mb free RAM left after boot). Once you press the button 'Allocate and Free', FreeMem goes into operation. The amount of memory is allocated and filled with dummy data. It is necessary to fill the RAM with data as Windows is smart enough to ignore allocations which are never used. The memory is then immediately freed and returned to Windows. The tool checks if the requested success was reached. It is possible that Windows swaps out parts of the RAM FreeMem Professional has allocated and not all the other stuff. If the target was not reached (or nearly reached), the tool repeats the operation. It is possible that the wanted amount of free RAM is never reached. Some background programs can prevent this. To avoid FreeMem Professional to continuously block RAM and waste CPU time, the user can specify the maximum number of tries the tool undertakes to free up RAM.

The chart shows how the free RAM on your PC comes and goes over time. You can specify a refresh rate which is also the refresh rate for the title information and the tray icon. You can turn the information in the title on and off by using the appropriate option.

You can specify an amount of RAM to free-up, if you have less free RAM than you specified as your critical amount of memory. This option is essential for a good performing PC.

Conclusion: As you can see from the above screenshots, the screens are straightforward and therefore easy to use. Though it's only a small program, it can make quite a difference as to how some applications run. We've given it our Gold Award simply because we can't live without it anymore.

Download Size: 885Kb Price: free OS: Win95/98/NT